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4 Ways to DIY Home Cleaning Agents

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Over a period of time, every home needs a thorough cleaning. Especially for the kitchen grease, the yellowing nursery wall decal, glass dust, if you keep them for a long time they will become stubborn stains and hard to remove. But most of the cleaning agents are bad for our hands. In fact, you can make some environmental protection with no damage home cleaning agents. Meanwhile, it has a natural fragrance.

Fruits peels remove the stubborn stains

The fruit peels such as lemon, orange and citrus junos can become the refreshing natural cleaning agent, which can deal with the stubborn grease and flooring stains. What you have to do is to put those peels in the water and boil the water.

For the stove stains, not to mention the waste of the detergent and iron wires, you will feel that your hand got an unpleasant smell no matter how many times you washed after touching the grease. To solve this problem, you just need to slightly scrub the thick grease by the cooled fruits peel water. At the same time, it would not hurt your hand.

As to the flooring stains, you may soak the citrus junos peel into the wine for about 10 days. Then add clean water by 1: 10 proportion, the flooring cleaning agent is ready for you. The woody flooring also can use honey or lemon juice mix olive oil or plant oil by 1:2 proportion to remove the stains. This special cleaning agent can protect the flooring at the same time.

For one more, dip some lemon juice or olive oil on the soft cloth can clean the leather furniture and keep the leather furniture shining and lustering.

Soda powder is helpful for remove the unpleasant small and stains

The main ingredient of the soda powder issodium bicarbonate, which belongs to dietary alkali. It can absorb the strange smells and has strong stain removing ability. Mix 60 gram soda powder with 500ml water to make the soda water can remove the stains, wash dishes and be used at any time.

The water channel in the kitchen often has strange smells if not clean it frequently. Put the soda powder around the drain hole and pure some distilled vinegar on the powder. After ten minutes, pure boiled water into the channel, which not only can clean the strange smell, but also can dredge the drainage pipe?

The tea cups, coffee cups and water cups often has thick stains and it is hard to remove. You may use warm water wet the cloth and then dip some soda powder. Repeatedly scrub the stains, all the stains can be removed easily.

Distilled vinegar removing the stubborn stains is dust resistance

The main ingredient for the distilled vinegar is organic acid, which can dissolve the grease, kill the bacterial, remove the strange smell and mold proof.

The glass, mirror and tiles will become very shining if you scrub it with the water and vinegar mixed water by 1:1 proportion. Put a spoon of distilled vinegar into the basin for scrub the glass lights can prevent the static electricity.

There are many other natural cleaning agents which can be made by yourself. Next time, I will introduce you some secrets to clean the home stuffs by the foods. You may learn more on

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