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8 Perk Of Installing Stone Cladding In Your Accommodation

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There are many ways by which house owners can improve the interior of their house. Some people will like to paint the walls in vibrant colors, while others may hang artistic pictures on the wall. But, today a method which is creating a buzz among the house owners: is put stone cladding on the walls. Stone cladding is a method to get the look of a stone structure without using full-sized stone pieces.  Plus, the exterior of the residence can also be enhanced by installing natural stone in the backyard and in front yard.

Whether you consider stone cladding to augment the interior or exterior of your house, there are several benefits, and eight of them are highlighted below:

  1.   A natural look

One of the paramount of perks of having installed in your dwelling is that it will help to give your living space an incredibly natural look. There are several styles which be added to the wall in order that get that natural look- from grey rocks to sandstone effect. There is something to everyone, to meet every personal taste. Homeowners should consider several options before making the final decision. Stone cladding provided by Medusa Stone is an effectual way to make the house more striking.

  1.    Attract your potential buyers

Are you planning to sell off your apartment , then it is worth an investment to consider stone cladding in your residence. The classy yet stylish of natural stone will instantly strike a chord; attract people and sign the perfect deal.   

  1.    Heat resistant

The natural cladding is heat-resistant, which means that it can be installed in any place where there will be excessive heat such as fireplace in your residence. Plus, it also adds exquisiteness to your existing fireplace.

  1.    Flexible

Stone cladding is a flexible material, which it easy to put in, even in places where there are curves. Clamps and vacuum table are eased to install the cladding with ease. And, natural has got this flexibility.

  1.   No porous

Stone cladding is non-absorbent and non-porous, which makes its perfect for maintaining with regular household cleaners. In simple terms, no special pricey products are required to keep it looking good for years.  

  1.    Durability

As these stones are made from hard, tough materials, they are shock resistant and highly durable; means once installed, they will last for a very long time.       

  1.  Fading

The color of the cladding stones does not fade with changing weather patterns, and they are not affected by the environmental changes at all, which makes them an ideal bet for interiors and exteriors.  

  1.    Shape and sizes

This man-made stone by Medusa Stone is available in an assortment of shapes and sizes. The color of these stones can be paralleled to your interior décor. And, the best part, it is also possible to have stones in slightly different color, which makes the overall appeal more natural.  

The above eight perks of stone cladding are effective to give your house an overhauling classic appeal.


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