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Add Extra Space To Your Home Without Calling In The Builders

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Whether you live in a smaller or a bigger house, when it starts filling with furniture, it’s inevitable that you’ll start feeling cramped. The reasons can be various, as are the causes. Maybe it’s the narrow corridors, or dark dining room walls, or your hobby is slowly but surely taking over the house. The good news is that you’ve got options. You don’t have to add another room or two, or endure builders and the accompanying chaos and moving around till they are through. There are tricks, and then there are solutions that can make your home more spacious, or at least make it feel like.

Space is in the Eye of Beholder

You must have heard that if you wear a pair of pinstriped pants your legs will look longer, or that a vertical stripes on your shirt make you broader at chest. In the same way, if you apply striped flooring pattern, your room will look longer than it is. If you install an oversized mirror to one of the walls, the effect it creates will act as a door to another room of the same size. Pieces of furniture that matches the colors of the walls seem to take up less space, visually at least. Light colors are known to reflect and enhance light, while dark colors absorb it, creating the illusion of coziness but also less space.

Make Room

Many home improvement expertsadvise that the simplest and the most budget-effective solution is to clear out the clutter. Not only will you keep the room tidy easier, but it will make more space. Instead of piling shoeboxes one onto another, equip every closet with a hanging shoe organizer, which besides shoes can hold magazines, stuffed animals and body care products as well. An invisible shelf behind the bedroom door takes little space and can be used for storing board games or books. The furniture in your home should follow the suit. If everyone else puts a sofa opposite a loveseat in their living room, why should you do it? Try choosing a set of comfortable armchairs that needn’t be bulky at all.

Ceiling is the Limit

If you have bigger budget on your disposal, you can start looking for ideas for built-in vertical storage. It doesn’t get in the way, and really opens the new dimension of a room. Another storage space that is often overlooked is under the stairs. There you can store winter clothing, books, replacement rug, home improvement devices and other bulky items stored neatly in cardboard boxes. Invest in a loft bed, with a lot of useful space underneath it that can be converted into shelves or drawers.

Think outside the Box

If after all the modifications the in-house room is still not enough, and reconstruction is out of the question, maybe it’s time for bigger guns. These days you can find inexpensive retired shipping containers and modify them if needed, according to your preferences. Delivered to your address, they can be insulated and equipped with air conditioning. If you add some furniture and flooring even you can even adapt one of those adapted for a small study or a hobby room.

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