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All You Need To Know About The Dampp Chaser Or Storage Dehumidifier

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It is no secret that more and more people suffer from allergies every single day, and that has given the storage dehumidifier industry a boost in terms of sales. While being able to alleviate allergic reactions, the storage dehumidifier also acts as to absorb the moisture from the air, preventing the growth of mold or mildew. But how does it really work?

Many people know that the storage dehumidifier works in a two-fold system. The first step involves convection and radiation by the product which moves a certain amount of air per minute. This is because when air molecules are heated up to a certain temperature, they are able to hold more water molecules.

This is why when the storage dehumidifier is in a confined space like that of a closet environment, heating up the air around it will cause the relative humidity of the air to go down. As warm air naturally rises, it will bypass objects like clothing, shoes and wood and the increased moisture capacity will carry even more moisture form the air than before it was heated. However, this would only cause the air molecules to become even more saturated with water and that’s where the “dehumidifying” part comes in.

As the air molecules are heated, they start becoming more active and the pressure in the confined space starts to rise ever so slightly. As most areas aren’t completely covered, even in a closet there will be cracks in the wall or door, allowing for the air to escape out of the confined space. This will happen for as long as the storage dehumidifier is charged and turned on. The moisture in the air will continue to be absorbed and then pushed out of the room via the cracks found in the wall or door.

The most important aspect of the damp chaser or the storage dehumidifier is the fact that it warms up the air in the confined space, allowing it to absorb as much moisture as possible when it runs through and around objects, and then creating an internal environment of air circulation which helps ot regulate moisture out of the confined space.

The advantages of using a storage dehumidifier

As the air inside the confined space is regulated and kept warm, the space becomes dry and this prevents allergens like mold or mildew to grow inside. Now your basement or closets won’t start smelling dank and there will be no risk of allergic attacks because allergens cannot thrive in dry and hot conditions.

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