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Can You Convert Your Loft?

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If you need more space in your home, want a sitting room, or want to create a flat for earning extra money, you should consider converting a loft. The biggest concern when converting a loft is the amount of ceiling space you have. There are some general rules of thumb when it comes to whether or not a loft can even be converted. The most considerable is the height of the ceiling. If you walk into your loft and have a decent amount of space from floor to ceiling joist, you can probably convert it. The best option is to call professionals to help you.

Call the Professionals

If you are not sure about converting your loft or how much work it might be, you should call professionals. They will be able to assess how well your loft can be converted into a living space. They will take measurements and lend their expertise to the project. Even if you are skilled in DIY, you want a professional eye. You should call professionals in loft conversions in Portsmouth. You should not bother with construction contractors who just assure you they can convert lofts. While they might have the skills, they do not have the technical expertise in this particular field.

Loft Professionals

Loft conversion specialists will be able to advise you on converting your own loft as well. There are many considerations and some of them might not be known to even the best DIYers. Your best option is to call them and have them study your loft. Skilled DIYers will be able to hire professionals to do the structural work. That will ensure that it’s up to code. Then you can take it from there or you can hire professionals to do all of the work. How much assistance you need is up to you, but you should definitely consult specialists.

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