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Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Bathroom Floor – Finding The Tiles That Provide The Perfect Finish

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The bathroom is one area in the home which above all others can benefit from tiled flooring. Tiles provide a hygienic and water resistant solution that other flooring types simply can’t compete with, and they add a touch of luxury to any bathroom too.

Opting for attractive luxury bathroom tile designs may even add value to your home, especially if you go for bespoke tiles of the highest quality and steer clear of the generic ‘DIY superstore’ type tiles.

You don’t have to go with standard materials, either. Bathrooms can accommodate both the most common porcelain and ceramic tiles as well as the more unusual slate or travertine versions. Personal preference is of course at the heart of your bathroom tile choice, and talking to specialist designers such as Design di Lusso can introduce you to an unexpectedly wide selection of bathroom solutions. So here are a few tips to help you choose the right tile for your bathroom.

Hygiene Matters

Because of the high humidity and levels of moisture, your bathroom is one of the areas where bacteria can breed quickly if it’s not kept scrupulously clean. Bacteria love damp and humid environments, so you can be sure they love your bathroom, even if you currently don’t! So tiles are a practical and hygienic option, because they’re an easy-wipe surface and are water resistant. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re waterproof! So they should be wiped clean regularly, and never allow water to pool, especially along grouting or joins between the tiles and the bath, for example. Otherwise you could end up with damage to your floor or walls. Alternatively you can purchase a waterproofing kit.

Decide the Size

The size of tile for your bathroom will depend in part on the size of the room. You can get designer bathroom tilesin all sizes, but it’s best to avoid using large tiles over 60cmx30cm in bathrooms that are small. Large tiles will make small bathrooms feel claustrophobic and smaller than they actually are.

If you have a larger bathroom then the world is your oyster! You can opt for contemporary or luxury bathroom tiles of any size and they’ll add an extra something to your finished room. Remember to take note of the spacing between your toilet and basin. Smaller spaces may mean it makes sense to opt for a smaller tile to avoid the need for cutting or mis-matched designs.

Keeping Warm

It’s a common myth that opting for a tiled floor will mean your bathroom is colder. This simply isn’t true and in fact tiles actually retain heat, so it should be fine. The only issue you may find will be dependent on the surface below your tiles. If you place your tiles on wooden floorboards then they will feel warmer than if they’re laid on top of concrete, for example. Of course, if you’re really going at it from a luxury angle you could consider under tile heating and this guarantees your tiles will never feel cold. The more frugal among us may simply opt for a bathroom rug or flicking the heating on!

Using tiles for your bathroom floor is the most sensible option. Easy to clean and maintain they give the bathroom an exclusive luck and there are plenty of different designs to choose from. That means that big or small, modern or traditional, you should be able to find a design which works best for your style and room.

About the Author – Richard Franklin is a home and interior blogger who has a special interest in bathroom design. He regularly researches bespoke bathroom suppliers and thinks that tiles, such as those found at, are one of the world’s most underrated design features.

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