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Details For Different Kind Of Tile

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Tile can be divided into glazed tile, full-body tile, polished tile, vitrified tile, mosaic tile. Different tile has difference on performance, decoration effect, and suitable space. If you are hanging out at different store for finding right tile for your home, then you should read this:

1 Glazed tile

Glazed tile refers to tile having glost firing treatment on its surface. Glazed tile can be divided into ceramicglazed tile and porcelain glazed tile. Ceramic glazed tile is firing by pottery clay. It has good water absorption. The intensity of it is relatively low. The color of its back is red. Porcelain glazed tile is firing by porcelain clay, which is featured with poor water absorption, relatively high intensity and hoary back color.

Glazed tile has rich color and pattern. Its antifouling performance is good. But the wear resistance is poorer than polished tile. Glazed tile can be divided into matt and glossy according to gloss. Glazed tile is often used in bathroom and kitchen. The common specification of glazed tile has: square glazed tile – 152×152mm、200×200mm and rectangle glazed tile – 152× 200mm、200×300mm; the thickness has 5 mm and 6 mm. Check out bathroom tile design ideas.

2 Full-body tile

Full-body tile is a kind of tile made by high pressure mouding rock chippings. The surface of full-body tile does not glaze. It is named for the material and color of its front and backis the same.

Full-body tile has good wear resistance and anti-skidding performance. But it has less choice on pattern and color. As the rough surface of full-body tile, it will have diffuse reflection. But the reflected light is soft and not dazzling. Full-body tile is widely used in hall, passage, aisle etc. the common specification for full-body tile has 300x300mm、400x400mm、500x500mm、600x600mm、800x800mm etc.

3 Polished tile

Polished tile is tile made by polishing green brick. It belongs to full-body tile. The surface of polished tile is smoother than full-body tile. Polished tile can have stone and wood finish effect based on penetrating technology. Polished tile has high hardness and good wear resistance. But the pore on it left by polishing is easy to be stained. So it suit to use in many interior spaces except bathroom and kitchen. The antifouling property can be enhanced by adding antifouling layer. The common specification for polished tile has 400x400mm、500x500mm、600x600mm、800x800mm、900x900mm、 1000x1000mm.

4 Vitrified tile

Vitrified tile is made by firing quartz sand and mud in certain proportion. It is treated by grinding, not polish. The surface of vitrified tile is as smooth and bright as mirror. It is the hardest tile.

Vitrified tile has better performance on water absorption, side straight, bend strength, acid-base resistance property than common glazed tile, polished tile and marble. Vitrified tile suit to use in living room, bedroom, and aisle etc. the common specification for vitrified tile has 400x400mm、500x500mm、600x600mm、800x800mm、900x900mm、1000x1000mm etc.

5 Mosaictile

Mosaic tile can be divided into ceramic and glass. It has good acid-base resistance property, wear resistance, water seepage resistance, strong compressive resistance and non-breakable.

Mosaic tile is widely used in small area indoor, wall and exterior wall and ground. The common specification of mosaic tile has 20×20mm、25×25mm、30×30mm. Its thickness is between 4 mm to 4.3 mm.

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