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Electrical Safety Rules For The Home

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Electricity is something that we all need today, because most of our lives literally depend on it. Whether that’s for work or for entertainment, most of us get out kicks through something powered by electricity.

The problem is that electricity can be quite dangerous if you aren’t sure what you are doing, and it’s very important that you look out for electrical safety hazards around the home before they do actually put someone in danger.If you’re ever in doubt about anything electrical in the home you should always contact a local electrician.

To make sure that you are dealing with these kinds of issues quickly and effectively, you should make sure that everyone at home pays close attention to these simple and effective electrical safety rules;

  • Don’t bunch up extension cords with lots of different products – spread them out and make sure that the extension cord has plenty of space around it. This stops any kind of overheating, as an overused extension cord can become a significant problem and eventually become a fire hazard if they aren’t dealt with
  • Ensure that cables and cords are tucked away in neat fashions, and out of the way. The amount of damage that is done to electrical products – and people – through lazy wiring solutions and not tidying cables up is something that you need to be really aware of
  • Make sure that your kitchen – one of the biggest fire hazards in the home – is dealt with appropriately. By this, we mean make sure that there is at least 30m of space between the sink and any plugs or sockets – the last thing you want is excess water splashing onto the socket and causing everyone a potential problem
  • Make sure any sockets in the kitchen are protected as much as possible from any kinds of water or typical issues such as this – they can be some of the most common issues within a household for fire hazards
  • Always use a residual current device – or RCD – when carrying out any electrical changes within the home. By cutting off the power in the event of any kind of mistake made during the work you are carrying out, you can make sure that you don’t need to become another victim of electricity
  • Ensure that all of your power tools are in the right condition before using them – any kind of fault or damage to the power tool – especially the lead – can be a significant problem and lead to serious hazards or significant property damage

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