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How To Buy Outdoor Furniture For Rental Guests

April 20, 2017 • Under: Furniture


Many places are magnets for tourists, and you can get your share of the tourism dollars by renting out your place to guests who want a cozy place to stay at more reasonable rates than they can get from traditional hotels. And while it’s important for you to offer comfortable indoor pieces and electronics, you can’t neglect the importance of also offering the best patio furniture for your guests.

Here’s a handy buying guide for you to consult so you can buy outdoor furniture the right way:

  1. Have enough seats for guests. If you’re renting your place to couples, then you need a love seat or two chairs for comfortable seating in your patio. You will have to buy more if you’re renting out your place to families or groups of friends. If this is the case, you may want to think about stackable plastic chairs you can place in a corner.

Having enough seats isn’t just to provide a better stay for your guests. It also keeps them from bringing your indoor furniture outside, where it may become dirty or damaged more easily.

  1. Go for dark colors. For outdoor use, white and cream colors for furniture aren’t really a good idea at all. Such articles tend to get dirty very easily, so they don’t look very nice after a short while. You’ll want darker or more colorful hues to disguise the dirt and dust.
  2. Pick furniture pieces that are easy to care for. As these things are outdoors, you need something that can do well in rain, sunlight, and strong wind. Since you’re probably not going to be there to take care of the furniture, you need patio pieces that don’t really need a lot of maintenance at all. Best options include teak, cedar, and wicker, though metal with robust antirust features will also do.
  3. Go big. Small and flimsy furniture pieces for the outdoors just won’t do at all. People are just getting bigger and heavier on average, and you need large pieces that can accommodate their size and bear their weight. They’ll feel more comfy and will therefore be more likely to offer better reviews on their stay. You’ll also save yourself the trouble and expense of replacing chairs that break down.
  4. Choose really comfy pieces. If possible, get chairs with lots of cushioning, and tables that don’t have too many sharp corners. You want them to look really comfortable so that even in just pictures on your webpage your patio looks truly inviting.
  5. Make sure you have adequate shade. While the patio may look great with the sunlight, sitting under the heat of the sun isn’t really comfy for most people. So you should either install some sort of roofing for your patio or you can buy umbrella stand pieces. The shade they provide helps extend the lifespan of your patio furniture as well.

Most guests don’t really like to hang out indoors while they’re on vacation. If your place has a terrific view, then your guests will be more likely to enjoy the sight when they can also enjoy comfy patio furniture while renting your apartment, house or villa.

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