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How To Spruce Up The Home For Spring

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Easter has passed, and spring has now well and truly sprung. Now is the time for freshening up the home and the garden, finishing off the spring cleaning and getting the home ready for the influx of summer visitors. So how exactly do you go about giving your home a spring transformation? Read on for some top tips for revamping the home in totally affordable ways. 


While it’s the most fashionable DIY trend of the moment, upcycling is also incredibly useful and turns redundant furniture into stylish and practical pieces for the home. That old chest of drawers in the spare bedroom could be sanded and painted, ready to become a unit in the dining room. An antique kitchen or dining room unit can be transformed into shabby-chic farmhouse style unit to suit the rest of the décor in next to no time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a creative genius to pull this off – simply give the furniture a lick of chalky finish paint in your desired colour and voila – the room looks brighter already.

Get Colourful

It’s the season to get colourful, and everything this year seems to be pointing at pastels, whether it’s fashion or interior design. Turquoise is the hot hue this spring so brighten up the lounge, bedroom and bathroom with turquoise accessories such as cushions, voile and candles.

Fresh Flowers

One of the easiest way to add instant happiness to your home is with fresh flowers and indoor plants. Daffodils and tulips are absolutely everywhere, so celebrate spring by bringing them into your home. 

Get Thrifty

If you’d like a new piece of furniture or wall décor then there’s no need to go splashing the cash in high end department stores. Get down to your local car boot sale or charity shop and see what bargains you can pick up – we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what some people are throwing away! Don’t forget if it’s not in pristine condition or doesn’t suit your décor, paint it a colour you desire and you’ve updated a room for next to nothing.

What do you like to do to your home in spring to reflect the change in the seasons?

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