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Keep Your Yard Safe And Your Trees Healthy With Regular Trimming

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If you are the average homeowner, you may find it difficult to determine when trees or bushes need to be trimmed. Indeed, it can be difficult to see, merely by a tree’s appearance, if it should be pruned at all. However, trees do benefit from basic fine pruning or an overall trim of the crown.

The Trimming Process

To better understand the trimming process, four degrees of trimming are utilised. Fine pruning removes small limbs to enhance a tree’s looks. Standard pruning, which entails more heavy cutting, enhances a tree’s branch and limb structure.

Hazard trimming is suggested for any tree that poses a safety concern. The process usually involves eliminating all the branches that are two inches or larger in diameter. Crown reduction trimming typically entails removing major branches, and should only be implemented when the limbs are interfering with power lines, or storm damage has occurred.

Why You Should Trim or Prune Your Trees

According to Hastings tree surgeons, the following things are the top reasons why you should trim or prune your trees:

  • Trimming improves the health of a tree by eliminating dead or dying branches. These kinds of branches often are hazardous, and removing them safeguards your property and family.
  • Trimming improves the overall structure and aesthetics of a tree, and keeps it from developing weak or broad branches.
  • Tree trimming increases the sun’s exposure and air circulation throughout the landscape.
  • Pruning a fruit tree can improve the quantity and size of a crop.
  • Newly planted trees should be pruned to train the tree into shape and to compensate for any root loss.
  • Trimming a tree can open up a property and add to the view.

Different trees should be trimmed or pruned at varying times of the year – all the more reason you should rely on a tree surgeon to keep on top of the work. Whether bushes or trees are pruned or trimmed, it is better to leave the work to professionals.

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