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Loft Conversion are Classified as The Brand New Residence Move

January 11, 2013 • Under: Bedroom


When land value and house value are sky rocketing, people are busy with converting unusable attic into an amazing functional area. Loft conversion is beyond doubt a great way to optimize the available space.

The Recent hype in The Loft Conversion Field:The boom in the loft conversion industry is after the recent economic downturn. Those who planned to move to a more spacious property started thinking about utilizing the space available in their property. This resulted in giving a new and elegant look to the property. When wall hanging decorative items and painting gives a new and appealing look to prospectors, loft conversion is the best way to add value to it.

Loft conversion is classified as the brand new residence move as it doubles the value of the property than its cost. If cost of loft conversion is 20,000 Euros then the worth of the property will be an average of 40,000 Euros. Isn’t it a prominent deal?

Why should You Think About Loft Conversion?

When a small modification can bring big change at an affordable rate, who doesn’t like to go for it? According to Fairclaims Roofing and Construction, little alterations in the bathroom, slight modifications in the kitchen alignment, adding new windows, reshuffling living room all these can boost the price of the property more than expected.

A recent survey suggests that there is a 115% jump in the value of the property by just adding a new car porch or off-road parking slot. This is encouraging house owners and plot owners to approach loft conversion companies. More than 40% of the members of families believe that filling dead space of the living space will definitely increase the value of the property. But house owners should consider the overall price of the area in which they are living. While making alterations wherever possible make sure it will not exceed the house’s maximum selling price in the area in which it is located.

  To whom you approach?:

Whether your home is a medium terraced house or a small one in a rural area, Precision Lofts can design it, plan it and build it as you like. By choosing loft conversion you are making use of the space that is already available. When one can achieve a lot with a little bit of perspiration, who will say no?Building an extension or loft conversion is not an easy task. House owners think that it is a not that much a difficult mission to improve the space of a house. But actual truth is it is complex than it appears. First of all it should get building regulators approval, then an experienced architect should design it, then a professional loft conversion enterprise should undertake the work. You can find a number of loft conversion firms in the UK that provides personalized domestic conversion services. Among them loft conversions guildford from precision lofts stands out on its excellent customer service and Eco friendly methods at economical rates. In the world of growing concerns about the environment, Precision Lofts’ environmental friendly approach has great importance. With loft conversions Guildford from precision lofts means improving homely environment and the quality of life.

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