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Making the Most of the Elegance of Natural Stone for Your Bathroom Tiling

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If you’re considering joining the ranks of those who are looking at staying put and improving their homes rather than moving house, the bathroom, as one of the most important areas of your property, is one of the best places to make a start. Make it the soothing sanctuary and escape from life’s stresses that it should be.

Designer bathroom tiles have a dramatic impact on this room’s appearance, and the beauty of natural stone is an increasingly popular way of creating a soothing, spa-like ambience with a luxurious feel.

There are other benefits, too. Large format stone tiles will make a small bathroom seem much larger. And the look can be carried seamlessly across the whole room, with natural stone contemporary bathroom tiles available for both walls and floors.

Equally, these designer bathroom tiles are hardwearing enough to last a lifetime.

Because some kinds of natural stone have more friction than others, choose safe and slip-free stone for your bathroom. There’s a myth that you can’t use natural stones in rooms like bathrooms where there is a lot of moisture, but you can choose stone walls which have a low absorption rating. Also make sure that the stone is sealed properly.

The luxurious look is completed thanks to the warm colours of natural stone; there are many ways of finishing off your bathroom to perfection, for example by combining small natural stone mosaic tiles with large areas of flooring made from the same material, or with an elegant bathroom sink made from natural stone.

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