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Things You Should Check Before Buying A Home

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Buying a home is a complicated business, and you need to get it right if you are to succeed. From the outside, the process looks simple. Only when you involve yourself in the nitty gritty do you come across potential pitfalls. As Conservatories from leading brands like Solarlux is a very good deal by which you can modify your home or you can make your dream home.

I will try to point out some of the stumbling blocks you might meet in the process of buying your new home so that nothing takes you by surprise. If you ever sell up and move, you will have valuable experience behind you and know what to expect. 

Do You Qualify For A Mortgage?

It is difficult to get a mortgage offer these days because of the stringent criteria you must meet. The banks want to make sure that your financial situation is robust enough to cope with changes in the economy, such as interest rates that will undoubtedly rise in the future.

Your credit history must be clean. Apply for copies of it from the big credit reference agencies. You can even view your history online for a nominal charge of two pounds from each agency.


You must employ an expert to survey the building and identify any problems there. It will be a condition of the mortgage, so you can’t avoid it.


If the property is less than twelve years old, it could still be under guarantee. That is vital for new buildings that still have time to subside. Remember to ask the estate agent.

Is The Building Protected?

Listed buildings such as the one in the image can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. You cannot undertake any alterations without approval and could get a huge fine if you do. Only the well informed should consider the purchase of listed properties.


Check the energy performance score of a potential home. The estate agents in Kilmarnock will hold all of the details. An energy performance certificate is important because it will indicate whether you need to spend money on insulation improvements. It might also point out that you cannot afford to run a particular property.

Council Tax

What band does the property fall into for the Council Tax. This hated tax prevents ordinary people from moving into more affluent areas. Even if you can afford a house, the annual fee might be too high.

The Area

Pay attention to the area in which the property resides. Meet the neighbours on either side of a potential home too, if you can. it will give you an idea of how life would be if you were to move there.


Are there any obstructions that obscure the view in and out of the property? A large tree with a preservation order could be the cause of much stress to you because you cannot prune it to let extra light through the windows. Trees are a cause of arguments between neighbours too, when one of them won’t let the other trim branches that overhang the garden.

There are many other problems you might face as you move through the process. The trick is to remain calm and think them through logically. Do not make decisions on the spot; go away and ponder the issues at your leisure. When you move into your new house you will realise it was all worth the effort, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

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