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Tips For Clearing The Drain Pipes

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Drain pipes can get clogged very easily. Plumbing companies have been trying to raise awareness about the different ways drain pipes can get clogged by regularly putting up ads that clearly depict the items that you can and cannot throw in your drain pipes. The drain pipes are created for carrying water and semi-solids. However, at times they end up with other items thrown in. How many times have you chucked items into your toilet and just flushed it? Rather than draining completely, the solid items might get stuck on one side of the pipe. Before you know it, hair and other semi-solids will also start building up against the obstruction until there’s very little space left for water to flow properly. Eventually, the pressure inside the pipe will increase, causing it to burst. Here are a few tips on how to properly clear the drain pipes.

Try the Plunger

If the blockage is near the entrance, a plunger can be used. The plunger builds a vacuum of sorts and sucks in different items that might be causing the blockage. Due to the flow of the water, the plunger can be quite effective in removing small blockages. However, if the blockage is deeper down in the drain pipe, you may have to contact a professional plumbing company that offers drain clearance in Stroud.

Jet Washes

A power jet wash can be used for clearing the drain pipe as well. Plumbing companies use jet washes to remove all sorts of blockages using the sheer force of water. A power jet wash is connected on one side, and then the water is turned on. It will flow at very high speeds through the drain pipe, removing any blockage along the way. However, there’s no guarantee that this process will remove the obstruction entirely.

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