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Top Tips To Organise Your Tiny Bathroom

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If you have a small bathroom then you will know all too well that it easily becomes cluttered and messy looking from day-to-day use and storing your bathroom essentials. Your bathroom suite should be a haven where you can relax and chill out without being overwhelmed by mess.

Here are some great tips to help you efficiently organise your tiny bathroom.

  • Hang spice racks to organise your products. Using smaller sized spice racks to store and organise your cosmetics will save you valuable space, look here for some inspiration for this. You could even install them on the inside of cupboard doors so that they are out of sight.
  • Hang book shelves. Use book shelves for further storage, hanging them in unusual places such as above the door or using corner shelves will help you utilise the majority of your bathroom space.
  • Use sliding draws. Make the most of often unused space such as under the sink or countertops by installing sliding draws. Sliding draws will make it easy to organise and store your bathroom essentials without displaying them.
  • Stack your storage. Make the most of your cupboard space by using stackable storage bins and baskets. This will help you to make the best use of your cabinets height and you can even add hanging storage baskets on the insides of the cupboard doors.
  • Use floating shelves above the toilet. Wall space above the toilet is often neglected, instead try installing floating shelves that you can use for decorative items and bathroom essentials.
  • Install a magnetic strip. Magnetic strips are highly useful for catching smaller items such as bobby pins, tweezers and nail scissors which can otherwise become littered around the bathroom making it look even more cluttered.
  • Purge your products. Many of us are guilty of hoarding half empty bottles of shampoos and bubble baths. If you find a lot of bathroom space is being taken up by hoarded products it is time to purge them and keep only the essentials or favourites!
  • Create a focal point. Creating a focal point will draw a visitor’s attention away from the size of the room and give them something to focus on. Shower curtains and mirrors make excellent focal features for bathrooms when the rest of the room is kept neutral.

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