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Using Electric Privacy Glass in the Home

May 29, 2013 • Under: Home Improvement


Electric glass is able to go from opaque to transparent at the switch of a button. Explained simply, an electric current is passed through the glass which causes it to switch from opaque to transparent or vice versa. This kind of easy to use privacy glass is also called magic glass. The technology used is the same as LCD screens, as found in everything from watches to computer screens.

There are all sorts of uses for privacy glass. It can obviously be used to create private spaces, for instance in residential settings, or it can be used for design/aesthetic purposes, such as in many commercial settings.

In the context of the home alone there are several uses for so called privacy or “magic” glass. Companies that sell privacy glass will typically be able to design products that fulfil your specific needs, which could be any one of the following:

It can obviously be used in windows. Where houses are built close together you might want to bolster your privacy in a modern way. Rather than installing curtains you could use privacy glass technology.

Inside the home, magic glass can also be installed to create private areas. For instance, where there is an en-suite you could install privacy glass to create a degree of continuity between the bathroom and bedroom space without losing privacy.

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