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What Are The Different Types Of Purlin That You Can Buy?

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A purlin is a special type of beam that is used to support the main weight bearing rafter of a roof. This is something that you cannot afford to forget because otherwise the structure will be extremely weak and there could be numerous problems after the roof has been finished.

The purlin needs to be extremely high-quality and able to take on a large amount of weight without becoming bent out of shape or damaged in another way. You will be thankful when you have selected a high-quality purlin from a reputable company.

Purlins are available as floor-bearing beams as well, so they are incredibly versatile and you will not need to worry about the floor at all after they have been installed. You should check the beams to make sure that they are going to be able to support the amount of pressure that is going to be exerted upon the floor. This could be used for offices, schools or homes.

The thickness of the purlins is one of the main indications of quality. A thicker beam that has been well-made can take a large amount of weight without showing any signs of stress whatsoever.

What are the different types of purlin that you can buy?


FIRMLOK beams are one of the choices that you need to seriously consider. There are several reasons why this is a smart purchase. They are used for a wide number of buildings, mainly as floor bearings. They can also be used for extensions, garages and patios.

The main advantage of these beams is that they are light whilst being strong at the same time. This allows them to be installed quickly and then other jobs can be completed in a shorter space if time.

Cold Formed Channels And Angles

The cold-formed channels are extremely adaptable and versatile and they can be used in any situation that you can think of. They get this name because they are not created at high temperatures unlike a large number of steel beams. You should consider these beams as much as more traditional ones on the market.

C And Z

These support beams also have a very obvious name because that is exactly how they are shaped. These C and Z-beams have a wide range of different uses that you will be happy to take advantage of.

Whichever type of beam that you use, remember that they all need to have some attention paid to them before you make the purchase. You will need different beams for different jobs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the most expensive beams can always do the best job. This is because there are many cost-effective solutions. Also, you need to avoid the lowest cost beams because they might have been poorly constructed by a company that does not take any pride in its work.

The right support beams will ensure that a structure remains standing for many years.


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