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What To Consider Before You Build A Fence

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Before you build a fence for your yard there are several things to consider. First, why are you thinking about building a fence? Are you looking for privacy or for safety? Are you trying to keep kids and pets inside your yard or is it purely for aesthetic reasons? What style of fence are you looking for and how much money do you have to spend? All should be factors in the decision.

If you live in a neighborhood or historic district check with your homeowner’s association to make sure you follow any existing regulations surrounding building a fence. Local zoning laws may also regulate the size and placement of your fence. Code regulations may spell out what kind of building permit you will need.

It is important to be safe before you dig. Check with your utility companies ahead of time to have them come out and mark all underground lines. This is usually a free service and your safety should be the most important consideration.

As for the types of fences, unless your neighborhood has restrictions, there are several to choose from. Solid wood fences are commonly used for privacy. They are usually tall and may be used to block the view of your yard from the road or to hide areas of your yard that need some work. Look for pre-treated wood. Lower quality wood may attract termites or rot more easily. A good wood sealant can help extend the life of your fence. You may even want to treat the wood before you put it up to make it easier.

Picket fences can keep kids and pets inside while also looking attractive. The fences are usually shorter and do not completely block the view from the outside.

A shadowbox fence will use alternating panels across the front and back. This gives your fence the same look on both sides and makes it more attractive to your neighborhood.

If you are watching your budget, a chain link fence may be the way to go. They are relatively easy to install and cost-effective. You are regulated to just one look anymore either. You can choose from galvanized steel or color coated chain link.

Before you invest in any fence, though, you may want to speak with your neighbors who share property lines. Make sure your fence is on your property. You may also want to get their verbal agreement if you plan on hooking your fence onto their existing fence. Doing so ahead of time may help the situation if problems arise later on.

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