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Why Choose Timber Windows Over UPVC?

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Whether going about a new build from scratch or simply looking to give the home a much-needed makeover, making the right choice of window and door frames is paramount. Of course, this can be something of a tricky balancing act to pull off as while each and every type of window frame and material has its own unique benefits, not all materials are guaranteed to suit all home types. UPVC fencing are used to intended to generate low repairs cost and amazing look to your garden,

These days, with long-term value for money and security primarily in mind, UPVC and aluminium window frames tend to be the favourites among many designers. But at the same time, there are those that have always sworn by quality timber and continue to do so even today.

Could it be that timber really does have a few distinct plus points over even its most modern of counterparts? That answer, surprising as it may be, is yes.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, many of the key benefits that come with timber windows are doors are far from matters of personal opinion. In-depth scientific studies have shown that there are many ways in which timber excels comparable materials with hard-evidence to support the ideas.

Here’s a quick overview of why timber is still one of the most important and desirable building materials for windows and doors in modern and classic homes:

1 – Timeless Looks

It’s unlikely that the aesthetic appeal of UPVC or aluminium is nothing more than a phase – they’ve been around for generations and still look amazing today. However, when it comes to true timelessness there’s really nothing that outshines timber. Human beings have been using timber since the dawn of time to build, embellish and generally improve their homes and living spaces – it has a level of classic elegance and sophistication that’s absolutely unique. To use timber today is to guarantee that any home or living space will still look just as stunning decades from now – a genuine investment in timeless quality.

2 – Universal Compatibility

Also a plus point for timber is that there really isn’t a home or area thereof that couldn’t in some way benefit aesthetically from the installation of timber window and door frames. From ultra-modern new-builds to classic cottages built several generations ago, wood is a genuinely universal material that never, ever looks out of place.

3 – Going Green

Here’s an interesting fact that some may find useful in making their decisions – large-scale studies have proved that in terms of environmental friendliness, timber scores much higher than UPVC pretty much every time. In fact, the very best timber products for use around the home can in fact have a positive impact on the environment as a whole and help to reduce global warming – over their course of their lifetime they reduce overall CO2 output.

4 – Lifespan

Timber may not be the obvious choice for anyone looking to invest in window and doorframes to last a lifetime, but in practice there’s little better on the market as a whole. When compared to UPVC for example, quality timber has an estimated lifespan in the region of 60 years – the general estimate for UPVC by contrast is 30 years. So even in instances when the timber option may cost very slightly more, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to long-term value for money.

5 – Insulation

Modern technology is used to boost the insulating properties of UPVC to the highest possible levels, though timber is a uniquely superior insulator by its very nature. It’s simply perfect in all seasons for helping maintain the ideal temperature in every room of the home, while also providing exceptional protection from the elements.

6 – Ease of Maintenance

Modern timber frames are so sturdy and dependable that they demand almost no maintenance whatsoever during their lifetime. You may choose to make a few modifications off your own bat – a lick or paint for example – but in terms of necessity there’s generally little to nothing that needs to be done. And when a repair is necessary, tending to the specific area in need of maintenance is so much easier than with UPVC or aluminium – the latter two usually requiring the whole thing to be ripped out.

7 – Costs

And finally, industry leaders like Buildmer Ltd have noted a huge spike in timber-related queries over recent years for one primary reason – costs have never been more agreeable. Quality standards are simply at all-time highs and purchase prices have never been lower – simple competition across the market has forced retailers and building groups to lower their prices and up their games like never before.

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