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Why Sash Windows Are Becoming More Popular

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If you are looking for a great alternative to UPVC why not consider sash windows in Edinburgh? Timber is becoming more and more popular and can add a stunning feature to any home. Combined with timber doors you can add real value to your home and ensure that security is top notch.

Sash windows in Edinburgh are fitted with a specialist draught proofing system and this can help to significantly reduce heat loss, dust pollution and noise from outside. There are many windows specialists that can manufacture your windows to your exact requirements and ensure that they are fitted perfectly and to your exact specifications. Why not find out more about sash windows in Edinburgh and see how much of a difference you can make to the look and feel of your home. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from.

Sash windows in Edinburgh can be manufactured from hardwood and softwood depending on your requirements. Most window manufacturers offer a range of different woods and colour finishes giving you the freedom to choose the windows and doors that best suit the external features of your home. You can also choose double glazed or single glazed – double glazed sash windows Edinburgh are obviously ideal if insulation is a major concern for you.

In addition to the wood and finish you can also choose the door and window furniture that best suits your personal taste. These are made from brass or chrome and will last for many years. Heritage Organisations also specify that red sand and boiled linseed oil is used for pointing and you can check with your local windows company to see if they do this.

When choosing a company to install sash windows in Edinburgh look for one that offers a 10 year warranty. This will cover you against any issues that arise with parts or the frames and panes of your windows. This peace of mind is offered by only the best glazing and window manufacturing company so make sure you have a guarantee in writing before your windows are fitted.

Sash windows in Edinburgh are very versatile and look great on any type of property. Perhaps you have UPVC windows that need replacing and you fancy something different or perhaps your property already has sash components that you would like to match. Whatever your requirements, there are many windows companies offering excellent sash windows in Edinburgh so you should have no problem finding the right company to fulfil your needs.

Sash windows Edinburgh needs a little regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Most sash windows come treated already so you shouldn’t need to carry out any weather proofing to them for a while, but it is a good idea to carry out regular maintenance in the coming years to ensure your sash windows last well and give you years of reliable performance.

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