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Home Maintenance Rules For Houses In The City

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Most people are discouraged upon hearing the word “rule”. Rules, as known to many, are a set of regulations intended to be followed. Housing maintenance also has its rules to follow, but for some reasons, having them is quite burdensome for others to carry out – most especially for busy working adults residing in the city who have many other responsibilities to think about. However, it’s only a matter of perception. Think of these maintenance rules as a necessity to take care of your property investment and to make them last.

Considerations in maintaining an urban residential home

Whether you acquired your city home from an inheritance, from your hard-earned money, or simply from a listing of house and land packages in Melbourne, there are factors you need to keep in mind in maintaining its value.


The condition of your home depends on how old it is. The older the house is, the larger amount of money needed for its maintenance, considering the vital repair fees for the wear-and-tear it has gotten over the years.

Bear in mind that house maintenance shouldn’t wait. To delay having to fix problems will only worsen the condition. Make the maintenance regular, annually to be exact.


The location of your home determines the environmental challenges you will be facing such as the weather. House and land packages in Melbourne are in a good spot in terms of the climate. Melbourne savours a mild and temperate climate without experiencing extreme temperature, like an insufferable cold winter. Hence, there’s the weather can cause little to no damage to your house. Have a geographic and environmental foresight of the possible problems that may arise and bank on prevention.


Is your house a detached unit or not? If it is, it is also referred to as a single-family home, which is more demanding in terms of time and money. This is because the initiative should solely come from you. You will be the one who will keep your roof solid, your gutters efficient, your sidings intact and your yard visually pleasant in the city you live in. It would be better if you allot a specific amount of budget to maintain this kind of housing.

Attached homes, on the other hand, like condo units and townhouses, are less hassle to preserve and take care. Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) exist for the management of such home maintenance.

What’s the need for home maintenance

Now that you are aware of these home maintenance rules, and have a better understanding of the pros and cons of the said practice, you still find yourself asking why you need to follow these rules. Here are 3 reasons that might convince you:

  1.    Career Advancement

Think of it as a training ground for your managerial and organisation skills. One home repair at a time will help you address workplace problems with the same level of tact and urgency.

  1.    Social Obligations

The more you take pride in your home, the more welcoming you are to your social connections. Create new friendships.

  1.    Reflection of Yourself

Your home is an extension of your personality. Let your city residence speak for yourself.

If you’re still planning to have your own house, check out some house and land packages in Melbourne.

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