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Interior Design In Your Hand: Apps To Make Your Next Renovation A Breeze

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Interior design trends are almost constantly evolving and another thing that has changed in recent times, is your ability to use the latest technology to make your next renovation an absolute breeze.

There a number of great apps and innovations available that can help turn your ideas into reality, including some interesting makeover options from companies like table legs.

Here is a look at some of the ways available to transform your living space.

Interior design ideas in your hand

Apps are increasingly popular for any number of different scenarios and there are a number of interior design apps that can give you inspiration and guidance.

If you are trying to decide on what color and shade you want to use on your walls, the ColorSnap Visualizer app is not a bad starting point if you are looking for some inspiration. There is a 1,500 shade inventory to peruse and one of its handy features, is the ability to analyze and match the colors of any photo on your smartphone, so you can go straight to a pain that matches what you might be looking for.

The Wikipedia of interior and exterior design

That is some claim for an app to live up to, but that this is the description that CNN once gave to the Houzz app.

Download the app and you instantly gain access to a database of more than five million high-resolution images, which have been tagged and sorted according to room, style and location. The app should provide you with plenty of ideas and you can even interact with the professional design consultants associated with the Houzz app.

Virtual fitting room

One of the hardest aspects of interior design if you are not a professional, is the ability to visualize how your room will look once you have made the changes.

The HomeStyler app might be a big help to you in this respect, as it bills itself as a virtual fitting room, allowing you to try out different looks and arrangements, by superimposing 3-D models onto an actual snapshot of your living room.

The chance to see how some new furniture or fixtures will look in your room, before you make the changes, can be a big help and will solve any issues you might have with visualization.

Pillows for that finishing touch

In addition to some useful apps, there are some tips from interior designers that are always worth following.

One of those tips, is to pile on the pillows, if you want to get a professional finish to your makeover. Just one pair of pillows often tends to look too shallow, whereas if you use at least two pairs of pillows, with contrasting colors, patterns and textures, it can make all the difference to the look of your room.

Another interesting tip is to take an alternative approach to furnishing a small bedroom. Our natural instinct is to buy small-scale furniture so it doesn’t look too big, but some designers insists that this could have the adverse effect.

Instead, try a high bed and a tall headboard, and watch how your rooms appears to grow rather than shrink.

If you download some useful apps and follow a few interior design tips, there is every chance that your next room makeover will be a breeze.

Joseph Owen is a creative soul who loves design in all its forms. Currently enrolled on an interior design course, he is also day-dreaming about building himself a sustainable home.

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