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Different Styles Of Waterproof Shade Sails

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Shade sails are generally a piece of permeable fabric that is stretched over an area and attached to poles or timber to provide protection against sunrays, rain and wind. These shades are available in different types based on factors like colors, styles, shapes, material used and purpose. A triangle or square sail that is made using high-density material is the regular type. The shades are made using seamless fabric that is stretched over the posts. It is also resistant to heat and dust.

General features of shade sails are:

  • It blocks out most of the harmful sunrays and the material will be breathable to let out the trapped air.
  • It is waterproof so that the water is not stagnating on the shade and will protect the area underneath.
  • It is made up of polyethylene fabric and does not tear, shrink, deteriorate or rot even in extreme weather conditions.
  • It does not fade or the rings that are used to hold up the shades will not be subjected to rust.
  • Two types of shades are available: custom-made and ready-made sails. The ready-made sails can be cut as per the need and provide UV protection, superior shade mesh quality, toughened corner rings and perimeter webbing. It is suitable for areas where common measurements are allowed. The custom-made sails will be made according to the preference of the customer. The shape, size, color, material, style, etc. can be customized.  
  • The main reasons for using sails are to protect from the sun rays, resistance to water and for aesthetic value.


The sails come in different types based upon what it is categorized on. When shapes are being considered then it can be based on the application.

  • Domestic shades are generally triangular in shape. Rectangular or square sails are also being used very commonly.
  • Overlapping hyperbolic squares are used by using two or more fabrics that are put together. Certain distance has to be maintained so that chaffing can be avoided.
  • Conic structures are seen with a single fabric that has a conical shape in the center.
  • Melbourne beach style is another new shape that has two or more fabrics that are erected next to each other in such a way the shadow it creates together will overlap.
  • Overlapping triangle is the same as Melbourne beach style but with fabrics that are cut in the form of a triangle.
  • Hyperbolic style is commonly found with curved edges.
  • Umbrella shapes can be used either in a fixed format or folding format.
  • Cantilever are linear edged construction joined together and even pushed or stroked against the walls. The guttering can be fixed to the linear structures and drainage spouts can be place in certain areas. Downpipes will have to be fixed only in a place that is adjacent to the wall.
  • Gazebo is another common structure that is found. It has linear structures that are linked together and the down pipes will have to be attached to the leg. The structures can be joined together for creating an area that is covered largely.

Other than this there are many other shapes that each manufacturer offers and custom made shapes can also be done on these sails.

The sails can further be categorized based on the style in which they are erected. The most common type is to install the shades in such a way that corners will have significant height difference. One of the corners will be at a height that is greater than the others which will give it a more striking look.

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