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5 Home Appliances That Can Make Cooking So Much Easier

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Whether you consider it an art or a real hassle, cooking is part of our everyday lives. The kitchen is the heart to a happy home, and so is a tasty meal. However, not everybody has the time or energy to think of fancy recipes and cook exquisite dishes after a busy day at work. More often than not, all we want to do is hit the sofa and unwind.

For those of us who want that little bit extra relaxation time after a meal, here are some of the best appliances that can help us prepare delicious meals a lot quicker.

Slow cooker

Every kitchen’s arsenal should start with a slow cooker, regardless of whether you are an avid cook or just like to have a one-off dinner with friends. The slow cooker is definitely worth every single penny due to its affordability and practical nature.

They usually come with plenty of different functions to help you with a wide range of recipes but the best thing about slow cookers is that you do not have to spend any time standing and stirring. Just throw in whatever it is you are cooking before work and return home to a beautifully cooked meal ready to serve.

Pod coffee machine

Quick and efficient cooking is not just about lunch and dinner but also about breakfast when most of us have even less time to prepare food. For that reason, a good quality coffee machine is a brilliant investment for coffee lovers.

There are quite a few different brands producing pod coffee machines, all adopting their own system, but the principle is more or less the same – you get a barista style cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Non-sticking frying pan

It is not only easier to clean once your dish is ready to serve and it is much healthier for the family as you it requires less oil. Besides, a non-sticking frying pan can be used for a wide variety of dishes from stir-fries and fried eggs to pancakes.   

A glass lid is a must-have accessory so food can be cooked well at lower temperatures. It is also important to remember that using metal utensils will put your pan on the fast-track to the scrap heap as it will quickly scratch and lose its non-stick properties.

Multi-functional food processor

A good food processor will make your life so much easier. With a range of speed controls, settings, fittings and accessories, the mighty food processor can chop, mix, blend and anything else you care to ask it to do. Saving 20 minutes a day at the kitchen worktop will give you hours of your life back each month.

High-performance blender

If you are really into smoothies, cream soups and dips, do not try to make do with an old blender – which so often leaves your kitchen spattered with food. A powerful, high-performance blender is a huge asset for any kitchen. Whenever you want a quick and healthy dish just throw in some vegetables and sour cream and you have a delicious puree. Similarly you can process fruits and ice cream (or yoghurt for a healthier option) to make the perfect summer dessert in a flash.

With plenty of options available on the market, you will definitely find one to suit your needs and your budget. Make sure you choose which you find easy to clean and simple to use to really make the most of your time.

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