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There is an old saying that good fences make good neighbours. The idea is that a solid, reliable separation is necessary for people to truly get along. It’s definitely true that a great fence is necessary for a business, farm, or ranch. If you are trying to run any kind of business or farm, you need to make sure that you can keep out certain elements and keep other elements in. For example, on a farm, you need to keep certain kinds of livestock pinned in for the reason that they will wander away. Furthermore, you need to keep other kinds of animals out of your farm. As a basic rule, you need to keep dogs out of your farm if you are raising chickens. A good fence keeps your chickens in and the dogs out. This is what you should be shopping for. However, not all fences are made equal.

You have several different options when choosing fencing and where to buy it; your biggest choice, though, will be whether to buy it in person or online.

Online Fencing Retailers

Brick and mortar stores have several limits that make online retailers the best way to buy fencing. A brick and mortar store has to pay rent on the building, utility bills, and a staff. These expenses are generally lumped into the category of overhead. To earn back their overhead costs, businesses increase the prices of their products. So, the more overhead a business has, the higher its costs will be. That’s one of the reasons brick and mortar stores tend to have higher costs than online retailers. Steel fencing at a quality online retailer is significantly less expensive than in a brick and mortar store.

An online retailer has significantly fewer costs than a physical store, which means they will have much lower costs. An online retailer does not need to pay rent on a physical store or the utility costs that such entails either. An online retailer simply needs access to a warehouse where goods can be stored. Also, there is a much smaller staff at an online retailer. All of these cost-saving features drive down the cost of their products as well.


A physical store is limited by space as to what they can carry, which is the fencing they think will sell the fastest or make them the most money. That’s not always the best quality fencing nor is it always the fencing you need. An online retailer is going to have much more freedom to choose which products to stock. For example, they might be shipping from a warehouse, which is obviously going to have a lot more space than the back of a store. In a warehouse, they’ll be able to stock more varieties of fencing. They also will be able to stock fencing that doesn’t sell quite as quickly. Furthermore, an online retailer will have connections to other warehouses and sources of goods. So, they can list available fencing they don’t even have in their warehouse because they know where to find it.

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