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Different Types Of Door Handles For Modern Houses

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A door handle gives definition to a door and changes the whole look. Therefore it is very important to select the right look when it comes to making a house. Traditional or modern, both have their own beauty and should be chosen according to your taste and need. But as there are various styles and designs of the door handle sometimes it may be confusing to choose the correct one. Since you invest in a house only once try to make the right choicxe at the first time.

Before buying door handles one must know the different types and styles available in the market. Here is a list of the types that are available to help you choose the perfect door handles for your requirement.

Lever Handle on Back Plate

It is one of the most common types of the door handle. You will find these in residential houses, public buildings and commercial door hardware. It has a mortice doorknob which makes it the easiest to fit in hands and operate. They are available in many styles and finishes like lever latch, lever lock, lever bathroom etc. and each of them has different uses. Lever latch is used where there is no need for locking, lever lock is used when the door should be securely locked by a key i.e. in the entrance. By the name of lever bathroom, it is understood that where it should be used. It is used in the bathroom or toilet. Another type is also there namely lever privacy which is an alternative option for toilet and bathroom doors.

Lever Handle on Rose

Lever handle on rose has become very popular these days but it can be slightly trickier than the lever on back plate type because there are normally screwed holes around the rose which fixes the handle and it can be slightly difficult to open. This type of handle comes in various styles and a lot of finishes such as antique brass, polished and satin nickel, satin stainless steel, bronze finish, polished and satin chrome etc. It is difficult to fit upon the preexisting mortice lock as there is very low space left to fix it. It can be fitted if there is a hole either side of the spindle hole. It also makes the fixing strong. The previous one, it can also be used in bathroom locking and key locking.

Mortice Door Knobs

The mortice door knob is screwed through the back plate on each side of the door and is connected together. Some of them also have a grub screw inter the stem which provides extra strength to the fitting. Another type of mortice door knob is also available, which is screwed through the back plate in the top and bottom part. Both of them are equally strong. Mortice doorknob is one of the popular knobs in the community of door hardware India.

Rim Knobs

It is kind of a traditional type. They are used along with a rim and that is why named like this. This type of knob is found on the doors inside the house.

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