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Discover The White Space In Your Life

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Simplicity is like a free zephyr of air that sways you with its delightful promise of making your life an easy going journey that vibrates with sensibility and harmony. Yes, it is time to affirm to the magical aspect of our existence that yearns for simplicity and order in our life. No doubt, there are several ways to Rome. But you can get the maximum benefit if you remain committed and creative in seeking the inspiration of simple living and organizing your life for good.

It is seen that people are complaining continuously about the despair and mess at their work area and as well as in their house, so let us introduce our self with the gentle man named “white space” that is going to magically take away the burden, frustration and the chaos and leave you with harmony and tranquility.

So before you get really enthusiastic about this magical aspect of the living and working area you need to be receptive about your own sense of idiosyncrasy that has limited you from enjoying the white spaces. Yes, you need to acknowledge that it is our addiction to complex that we have created such a haphazard life. Hence, your life, interiors and work places are screaming out loud that it is time to change.

Well, the change is going to start of course from your living room where you need to clear out the clutter and obsolete items and help your self in creating sacred white spaces. The free space is always there but it is effusively veiled behind the plethora of items that we think are useful or decorative this leaves us miserably poor and deprive of the open and free space in our life.

No doubt, Zen Buddhism preaches impeccably about the white spaces that are essential for the focus and concentration so here is the lottery ticket that you can avail for sure as you can take control of your possession and items and declare your liberation for the obsession with the materialism. For that you can start by clearing the cutter for your living rooms. Even if possible you can extend the idea of white spaces to your store rooms and garages it would be marvelous if you are successful in seeking the simple idea to improve your relationship with your pave and surrounding.

In fact, to your surprise, with pure magic you are in fact open the door for the white free space to enter your life as well, this some in the form of free time to mediate and reflect on our own doings. So undoubtedly, it is time to make the positive changes in your life to make move towards a more fulfilling and focused life. You certainly won’t regret the worthiness of the effort that takes you to seek the white spaces in the form of clear shelf with the tulip in the glass bowl or your organized cupboards. Eventually, every thing will then contribute to your personal and spiritual growth.

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