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How Shower baths is better than bath tubs?

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Innovation is luxury

Innovation is a gift for human being. Innovation gives you luxury to improve your lifestyle. If we talk about luxury, it is a most spectacular thing in human life. But if we camper which is better for us then everyone has their own view.

Let us talk about shower bath and bath tub. Now a day’s in every bathroom you will see the shower and tub as an option to take bath. But everyone have their favorite to take bath and start their beautiful day. But still people have their strong opinion or confusion about choosing shower bath or bath tub.

Choice is your own

We start our day with taking bath and feel fresh and clean. Some people chose shower and some tub. But it is not like every day we prefer to take shower or bathtub; sometimes we like to mix up the things for a change. Or sometime it is totally depend upon your mood or how much time you have. Whether to take shower or baths is up to you but sometime why not pamper yourself with both.Take shower followed by tub bath which make feel you relax and clean all together.

As always bathing is link with the relaxation of body and mind especially in today’s busy life.If person have time and he just want to relax then bathtub is a very good choice but in daily life it is definitely not a good option. And other way shower bath is the fast way to cleanse the skin.

Why to choose shower?

Now a day’s life is so busy everyone likes to do thing fast and quick. So if we talk about why shower is the better option because it is easy fast and time saving option to take bath. Who has time to feel the tub?and just for a change or for relaxing you can choose the bathtub but definitely it is not a time saving option.

Another thing is shower is an energy saving option because we require less water so ultimately less electricity to hot the water. Now a days saving water is as important as saving electricity. Quick five minute shower along with low flow shower head definitely will save your electricity bill and time. If you install the low flow shower you can really save water consumption. If you see taking bath in bath tub it is good for relaxing but it is also a time consuming because it takes time to feel tub. But shower bath by better bathrooms is like standing in the rain and massaging yourself in no time.

Another important thing which you can’t ignore about shower is hygiene. Once you fill water in tub and started cleaning yourself, dirt and dry skin of your body will trap in the bathtub and again stick to your body. That means you are cleaning yourself but exactly not removing the dirt. Skin diseases are very common in today’s polluted environment. When your skin is sensitive or you have any skin disease it is always good to take a shower. But other way shower cleans your body fast and also make you relax.

You feel good when water flowing over your body when you take shower bath by better bathrooms.If your shower head is good then you almost feel like a massage. And if you take warm shower followed by cold water it helps you to release your tension which is like hydrotherapy. So think about it, what is good option for you and enjoy your bath.

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