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How to Design a Bathroom for the Property Market

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Buyers look for lots of things from a home, some research suggests that smaller areas like bathrooms can really punch above their weight in terms of their power to sell. Of course it depends on the buyer; however we can say that it’s important to ensure a bathroom area is fit for sale on the property market. Ensuring this might involve the following:

Think about the materials that are used in your bathroom. If it’s an older bathroom consider replacing surfaces, e.g. choosing luxury bathroom tiles or designer tiles for bathroom. This can be a relatively affordable way to make a bathroom look much better and more appealing for the market.

Speaking of the market, when you’re redesigning a bathroom you should consider re-designing it to fit the market. To explain, you should avoid over-spending on the bathroom space if you’re selling it in the medium or lower end of the market because this could create discontinuity in the space. This doesn’t mean less quality bathroom spaces, but perhaps more modestly furnished spaces.

When owners buy properties they are often looking for a blank slate, somewhere to stamp their personality. Therefore, try and avoid making a statement with your bathroom design as this could date the interior and put off buyers.

Space is always a great seller; create the illusion of space with mirrors and brighter, airier colours.

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