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Know The Benefits Of Having Cool Roofs!

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Benefits of Installing a Cool Roof

A cool roof absorbs less heat more than a standard roof by reflecting more sunlight. The roof comes in several designs and can be composed of reflective shingle or tiles, a sheet covering, or paint brand that’s highly reflective. Almost all types of buildings could benefit from having a cool roof. However, houses are a valuable medium for the new development. Dark roof (standard roofs) could reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit or even more during a hot day. A cool roof that’s exposed to similar climate conditions could stay over 50 degrees cooler. Here are the benefits of installing a cool roof.

  1. Energy and Demand Savings

When you have installed a cool roof on your house, it can reduce the usage of your energy up to 15 percent on average, for a house that has a single story. You’ll end up saving on the monthly cost of air conditioning. Many home owners usually see a reduction in energy bills immediately and end up reducing dependence on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment and high consuming cooling. Your systems’ lighter impact will result in lower repair and maintenance costs. It is possible that when the time comes for you to replace your AC (air conditioner), you’ll be capable of downsizing to a model that’s smaller and less expensive because the cool roof will have reduced the air-cooling needs of your house.

  1. Cool Roof Increases your Comfort

Cool roofs usually reduce the heat transfer into your building. If your building doesn’t have air-conditioning cooling, like most of the warehouses, it could significantly increase your comfort. For instance, adding a cool roof to an unconditioned two-story apartment could keep the second-floor cooler by 4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the first floor by 2 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool roof increases your comfort both outdoors and indoors. Cool roof usually transfers less heat to the environment of the outdoor than the standard roofs. When the air temperatures of the outdoor are reduced, it increases the overall comfort of the residences and pedestrians in summer.

  1. Environmental Impacts

When you install cool roofs, they have positive environmental effects. At community scale, when the roof’s solar reflectance is increased, it could inexpensively and efficiently mitigate a UHI (urban heat island). An urbanized area could be about 2 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit hotter, more than the surrounding rural area. Increasing the roofs’ reflectance will transfer less heat to the surrounding environment than the way non-cool roofs do. The resulting lower air temperatures on the outdoor could slow down the urban smog formation. The simulations predict ozone reduction of 10 to 20 percent resulting from 3 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit cooling in the surrounding temperature.

The elevation of urban air aggregates the use of air conditioning by adding 5 to 10 percent of peak electricity demand, at the cost of several billion dollars yearly. Widespread usage of cool roofs can be an essential contributor to the urban ambient temperature reduction. A 10 to 20 percent reduction of ozone can be similar to that attained when you replace all the gasoline on-road cars with the electric cars. Peak demand reductions and electricity savings generated by cool fans could reduce the power-plant emissions of carbon dioxide, NOx, and unwanted particulate matter, particularly when the peak demand reduction reduces the use of an ineffective peak-power plant.

  1. Extended Roof Lifetime

Roofs usually wear out and can fail for numerous reasons, and some of these reasons are linked to temperature. For instance, higher temperatures could speed up the degradation of the material. Cool roofs can maintain a lower average temperature; this can slow degradation related to heat. Moreover, some manufacturers of metal roof believe that cooler roof temperatures will slow the fading of color. In cases where the main reason for your roof failure is heat-related degradation, it’s likely that a cool roof can be more durable and last longer than the standard roof.

Here are companies that can help you build a cool roof top for your home.

Ygrene Energy

Ygrene Energy Fund provides commercial and multifamily property valued clean energy financing. It offers immediately accessible financing usually without upfront payments for wind and storm protection, seismic upgrades, water conservation, renewable energy, cool roof construction, electric vehicle, and energy efficiency. It makes it easy for property owners to be able to invest in the healthier environment. Here are the locations.

  • Their headquarters is based in 2100 S. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954, U.S.
  • Sacramento CA, 2600 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95816, U.S
  • Miami, FL, 3390 Mary Street, Suite 124, Miami, Florida, U.S.

Sparta Capital LTD

Sparta Capital LTD is a company that believes you can be successful if there’s a healthy environment for you to function. Through distribution, acquisition, and development of efficient, technologies that are planet friendly. The use of these technologies like cool roofs will allow you to support the clean environment for children. Sparta Capital Ltd. is based in Alberta and has branches in Calgary and Edmonton.


The company help can you to afford upgrading your furnace, replace your roof and get a cool roof system, go solar, get a tankless water heater with PACE financing that is approved by the government. You can choose your energy saving project, which in this case is cool roofs then apply for the funding and the company will finance your cool roofing system. The company is headquartered at 1221 Broadway, 4th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612

Conditioned Space

Singles-family homes usually have cooled and heated interior living spaces known as conditioned space. The new regulations need a conditioned space to decrease their consumption of energy. Cool roofing is one of the methods you can achieve this. So, it’s advisable for you to install the cool roofing system because of these benefits, you’ll end up saving money, and most importantly you’ll be doing justice to the environment.

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