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New Floorboards Can Totally Revitalise A Living Area

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If you are seeking flooring for your home in Australia, then no flooring makes a statement like that made of Jarrah. Jarrah hardwoods, which present a heartwood colour, range from light red to a darker brick red in hue. The wood tends to darken when exposed to light over time. The sapwood of the tree is coloured pale yellow to pink.

How the Wood Appears

The grain of the Jarrah floorboard tends to be wavy with a medium- to coarse-textured surface. Some boards may contain streaks or gum pockets, both of which are naturally-occurring defects. Jarrah is a decay-resistant wood and also is resistant to insect attacks. The wood does not convey any type of characteristic scent.

A Sustainable Wood Product

Although a severe reaction is uncommon, Jarrah has been reported to be responsible in some rare cases for irritations of the eyes or respiratory tract. The timber is widely distributed throughout the southwest region of Australia and prices are considered moderate. The wood is not listed among any threatened species of timber at this time. Therefore, it is considered a sustainable type of timber.

Jarrah floorboards in Perth are quite popular as they are sought after for their sophistication and elegance. Few timber species can compare to the wood as its colours reflect the natural landscape of the western part of Australia. The wood is used for veneers, cabinetry, outdoor furniture and in heavy construction projects.

Jarrah Burl

Because of its common occurrence and resiliency, Jarrah is used quite often for exterior projects. Its vivid red colour and high density increase its marketability as a flooring material. Among wood turners, Jarrah burl is highly prized. The wood exhibits a swirling grain, rich colours, and tight knots, giving it a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Jarrah, needless to say, is one type of wood that causes a room to look invitingly warm and luxurious. Because of the wood’s durability, you can use it in a high-traffic area. Jarrah is often a solid choice among consumers as it continues to look good even after years of use.

Jarrah floorboards

A Secure Choice

As a result, Jarrah floors are often chosen by consumers who want a beautiful hardwood floor that will maintain its style for many years. The species is popular because its rich hues complement a broad range of property types and interiors. Its superior dependability makes the Jarrah a secure choice, whilst its inherent sophistication impresses discriminating eyes.

When Jarrah timber is chosen as a hardwood floor, it enhances the value of a home and lasts for generations. If only the best will do, then you won’t go wrong if you choose a Jarrah-timbered floor. When choosing an installer, make sure you pick a company that will finish on-schedule and has a reputation for fast and reliable results.

Hardwood flooring intrinsically adds value to any real estate. When you select the right species of timber, that value is enhanced even more. If you are an Australian homeowner, it just makes good sense to choose a timber native to Australia that is as impressive as it is practical.

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