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Types Of Plumbing And Its System

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Plumbing involves heating and cooling, waste removal, potable water system etc. Plumbing profession is related to public health and hygiene. Pipe fitters and Boilermakers also work for piping and their part of the trade also includes some plumbing, but they are not plumbers. However, if you face any kind of difficulty in your plumbing and sewage lines then you need to hire a professional plumber. They have advanced tools and techniques to remove the deposited garbage from your clogged drainage system and they can also replace the damaged pipelines and seal the leakages of your existing pipes.  Even if you face any problems in your gas heating system then also you can call the emergency plumber and they will repair the same at minimum time.

History of Plumbing System:

Plumbing was introduced in the ancient civilizations as the Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese and other cities. These countries developed public baths and required to maintain the drainage system and the potable water for a large number of people. Romans used lead pipe and drain pipes to prepare the piping for making the baths. The word plumber is derived from the Romans and the Latin word for Lead is plumbum. The epidemic disease in the populated cities in the 1800s has lead to faster growth in the disposal systems.

The early phase of the disposal system involved merely collecting waste and dumping it.  In the due course, there were separate underground water and sewage systems which banished sewage ditches and pools.

Systems Involved in The Plumbing:

They are potable water and hot tap water supply, plumbing drainage venting, sewage systems and septic systems with or without water, gray water recovery and treatment systems, Rainwater, surface, and subsurface water drainage, fuel gas piping, Hydronics which is heating and cooling systems.

The materials involved in the ancient times relied on the pipes which were made of clay, bamboo, lead, wood and stone. Today the plumbing pipes are made of steel, copper, plastic and cast iron. The major materials required for the plumbing are pipes and tubes. A pipe is set up through casting and welding whereas tube is set up through extrusion.

#6 Types of Plumbing Solutions Offered by Professional Plumbers

Plumbing offers the wide range of specialization in various fields. However, there are 6 major categories of specialization that plumbing offers:

  1. Water Supply: The water supply plumbing involves installation of hot and cold water supply to bathrooms and kitchens. It also includes installation of hot water including the solar systems. Flushing toilets and garden irrigation requires connection of rainwater tanks.
  2. Sanitary Plumbing: The field sanitary plumbing involves installation of sanitary fixtures such as toilets, basins, and sinks. It also includes installation of suspended drains, waste pipes and connection of fixtures. Sanitary plumbers also need to clear blockages in sanitary drains.
  3. Gasfitting: Gasfitting involves Installing and testing hot water services, heaters, and water heating system of the bathroom and kitchen. It also involves installing and testing LPG and natural gas fixing lines.
  4. Roofing: Roofing involves fabricating and installing metal roofing, downpipes, and the gutters. Roofing also includes venting and installing skylights. Roofing plumbers need to work outdoors and at certain heights.
  5. Drainage: Drainage plumbing includes digging trenches and sanitizes the drains. The major work of the drainage plumber is to clean and repair the drains of the underground. Drainage involves sewage treatment or the solutions.
  6. Mechanical Services: The mechanical services plumbing includes installing the hydronic heating and the coolers and the splits. Also, the mechanical service plumbers install the metal ductwork.

The plumbing system plays a vital and important role in everybody’s home, offices and the living areas. It regulates the water system in and waste water out of the system effectively.

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