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Some Housekeeping For Goals 2018

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2018 has brought with it hope and a plethora of resolutions about every aspect of our lives. From losing or gaining weight, to getting a new job, to changing our hair, we have all set goals for ourselves in 2018. The housekeeping department of our life should be no different. This year, organisation, consistency and eco-friendliness are the keywords that we should live by. As with all goal-setting exercises, the important thing is setting realistic goals as we look forward to the year, let us set up a few important markers to help us turn into more effective housekeepers.

Clean Green

You would be surprised to learn the environmental cost of some of our favourite cleaners. Green eco-friendly cleaning products, on the other hand, clean your home naturally. They don’t leave unpleasant chemical residue that could harm your family, interiors, and pets.

They are made using sustainable practices, are naturally derived, and are non-toxic. Their biodegradable ingredients are good for the environment and for your family as well. Eco-friendly products can be found at big retailers, and are more and more accessible to the wider market.

There are also various home-made substitutions that are inexpensive, easy to use, and are probably already in your pantry. These are safe products that are still effective, but not harmful to you or your home. They include baking soda, which cleans and deodorises. It is a powerful stain remover and scours away dirt. White vinegar cuts grease removes, mildew, and helps reduce the potency of odours.

Swapping out some of your cleaning products for these alternatives will result in costs being saved, and a clean, healthy home for you, your family, and your pets.


Any advice is for naught if consistency is not employed. When it comes to housekeeping matters its importance cannot be overstated. Letting a house descend into disarray and muck before doing a deep intensive clean is not an effective method. You should leave all such habits in 2018. Instead, our housekeeping goal involves consistently cleaning small areas of your home with greater frequency.

Instead of having a cleaning day, separate your home cleaning tasks over a few days. For example, appoint Monday as bathroom day and Wednesday as bedroom day.

Also, it is useful to deal with any spills, drops, crumbs and other problems as soon as possible. Small doses of cleaning save you time and ensure that your home stays germ-free. Steaming the house while watching a TV show or quickly wiping down surfaces during reading breaks has a great cumulative effect. You will only have yourself to thank for your clean home.

Investing in your home

Your home is where you will spend a most of your time. Invest in good cleaning appliances to ensure that it remains a clean haven. This year, buy a good multipurpose steamer. It will quickly become your best friend in the housekeeping department. An easy-to-use and incredibly effective multipurpose steamer is the answer for many of your housekeeping problems. Attachments that come with the steamer can be used to clean your garments or stovetops. It can be used to blast grime from tile grout, or to finally get the streaks out of your shower door. It can even clean your carpet. The numerous ways it can be used make it a must-have in 2018.

Other important appliances include a powerful vacuum cleaner. No more suffering from your old vacuum that cannot pick up debris after sixteen passes. A strong vacuum will change your housekeeping game, taking it to the next level. It is a worthwhile investment and makes the rest of your cleaning activities much easier.


This feeds into all parts of the housekeeping spectrum. An organised household runs efficiently and that way, you are able to quickly identify and plug any excesses in spending. You can curb bad habits, minimise wastage, and use your time more efficiently. More than that, organisation in your home results in organisation at work, and in your personal life. Organising your housekeeping schedule also ensures that your home cleaning program never falls by the wayside, even at the busiest times.2018 is set to be an incredible year. We hope these tips set you down that path.

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