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What Makes Up For A Granny Flat?

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Granny flat in a miniature version of a residential apartment customized to fit one or two individuals. The granny flat, as the name suggests, was primarily constructed to house elderly parents who needed to stay close to their loved ones. However, in recent times, depending on the owner’s choice, granny flats through renting are a very lucrative investment.

Ideas to Enhance Your Granny Flat Building Plans.

  • The building site: A granny flat is ideally built as an extension to an already existing home, however, one might build a stand-alone granny flat, given, and the land is privately owned. When building a granny flat one will need to comply with therules and regulations of real estate, construction and housing industries. Generally, converting a spare area in the house such as  a garage, into a granny flat is often considered much cost-efficient over building one from a scratch. A huge benefit of adding your granny flat to your existing residence is that you can share the electricity, gas and waterworks network.
  • Save up on kitchen space: To keep the granny flats indoors spacious yet functional, add a kitchenette instead of a full-blown kitchen. Designa living room with a mini fridge and a microwave, and keep it minimalist yet sufficient.
  • Combinethe bathroom and laundry: Yet another idea that will permit some air to pass throughthe windows instead of having a separate laundry and a bathroom, put both the unit together. Putting the laundry adjacent to the bathroom will not only save up space but will also enhance functionality; you will sincerely appreciate the option of dumping your laundry in the washer on the way in and out of the bathroom.
  • Minimalist furniture: Your huge sized furniture usually occupies most of your interior space. Hence, when furnishing your granny apartment keep off your big and hefty luxury furniture. This process along with saving space will also enhance the movement freedom of the elderly residents. For example, instead of using a traditional coffee table put in place a much more compact side table.           
  • Multiple bathrooms: By saving out on spaces like full-fledged kitchen and a separate laundry, carve out space for a spare bathroom. For elderly people bathroom emergencies are often of an utmost importance. Hence, when housing two elderly persons, an extra bathroom will come handy.
  • An advanced digital monitoring system: Elderly people are extremely prone to falls and medical emergencies. Hence, the need of keeping them at an arm’s reaches at the granny flatis a great way. Equipping your granny flats with an advanced and effective monitoring system linked with a 24 x 7 service station, will help you keep an eye on your parents round the clock.
  • A vibrant design: At an old age a cranky and down mood is often an issue. Design the interior of your granny flat in such a fashion that it uplifts the mood of the residents and establish their generic overall well-being. For, example, use mirrors, LED lights, bright interior wall colors and glass doors, you channel superior light entry and light reflection that will automatically generate a lively and upbeat perception.
  • Fence up for higher security:  Your aged parents / grandparents will not be as alert as you are. Hence pay extra attention to setting up a tight fencing and a concrete security system linked with the fencing for a top-notch intruder alert.
  • A plush patio: Your patio is a great area to relax and calm your mood. Landscaping your lawn with artificial turf grasses could be an effective way of creating a soothing patio for your grandparents.

A mindfully built granny flat in many ways is extremely beneficial to your needs. A cozyhouse for your parents and grandparents under your supervision, is an addition to your list of assets.

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