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A Quick Guide to Mosaics

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You may associate tiling with very modern bathroom spaces. You might associate tiling with traditional bathroom spaces, perhaps your bathroom was beautifully tiled when you were younger; however, the history of tiling stretches way back into history, often called something else – mosaic.

A mosaic is actually an image or pattern that is made up of very small tiles. The effect can be simple, intricate but always very aesthetically pleasing. Mosaics where actually first used, most likely, in Mesopotamia, which is roughly where Iraq is today. They really took off as a branch of the arts during the Greek and Roman Civilisations.

In many archeologically sites you can still see mosaics adorning the floors on public baths for example. The most famous example of this is at Pompeii, where mosaic floors are spookily but beautifully preserved.

When we’re talking about modern mosaics you have three broad options. You have designer mixed mosaics, glass mosaics and stone mosaics.

Mixed mosaics that are made from designer bathroom tiles can look very modern, combining different materials to create stunning visual effects.

Glass mosaics use glass which is extremely aesthetic, reflective and functional.

Stone mosaics bring to mind those beautiful mosaics at Pompeii. They are, however, made to meet modern demands and are very durable, as well as being extremely aesthetic – ideal for bathroom spaces.

Because bathrooms are often smaller spaces, tiling can be a great way to add an extra dimension without overcrowding the physical dimensions.

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