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Replacing Your Sash Windows

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Sash windows add a beautiful touch to your property and are usually installed in a period property to complement the style of the period. There are various styles and configurations accessible for sash windows frame but if you are restoring your current sash windows it is recommended to opt for a similar design. This helps to ensure you have authentic looking sash windows for your home. Moreover, if you are only replacing a single window, choosing the same design will ensure your new frame matches the remaining frames of the house to give an even appearance.

If you are a resident of a conservation area or you are fortunate to possess a Listed building, there may be constraints upon your window options. However, you will need to ensure you use a premium and dependable service to provide an authentic looking, durable result for your windows.

Many owners replace their windows as rotting ones tend to increase energy consumption in the house as a result of allowing cold air in from outside. In fact, the glazing alone allows the cold air in. Additionally, the other poor quality sections of glazing could let internal heat escape and so any new installations should be manufactured from high-quality materials using efficient techniques to provide a perfect fit. This will prevent warmth from inside the house from escaping.

With window installations, people usually prefer hardwood. Hardwoods have natural oils that help to protect the wood from damage and weathering. They are also strong and resilient which helps to combat against wear and tear. This means windows made from hardwood are likely to have agreater lifespan. Modern timber windows last more than 50 to 60 years, and in fact, some windows last longer than this.

When considering replacing windows, you will need to think beyond glazing windows and frames. Hardwood entails regular maintenance to ensure it looks authentic and offers its intended features. This means you will be need to frequently carry out preparing, cleaning, and painting the window frames. However, regular maintenance will provide the window with a bright and refreshed appearance which will last for many years.

Old sash windows provide the perfect gateway opportunity for burglars. In particular, single glazing windows are quite fragile and can be easily broken together with old materials and pieces of hardware. However,modern timber sash windows not only come with double or triple glazing but they also use the latest and most securefitting techniques, giving an extra layer of security protection.

Consult The Original Box Sash Windows to help you install a new sash window or replace your old timber sash windows.

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