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Accessorizing Small Spaces: Add The Finishing Touch To Your Bathroom Design

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Decorating a small space can be difficult. And, bathrooms are no exception to the rule. Here are a few big ideas for your small bathroom.

Assess Your Current Space and Layout

What do you have to work with right now? That’s going to determine what you can do with the space. Let’s say you’re trying to put in a double vanity or a big clawfoot tub. Do you really have the space for it?

If so, great. If not, you have some choices to make. Like, what will you trade in order to get the things you want and what will you have to leave out of the design?

If you want a nice walk-in shower, for instance, you might not be able to also have a big bathtub. You might need to choose between one or the other.

A double vanity might not fit, but can you put in an oversized sink with space on the sides for you and your significant other?

Choose a New Color and Pattern

What should you paint your bathroom? This is a tough one. You can browse through Bed Bath & Beyond to get some ideas, but basically you should try to choose a color scheme that’s easy to clean, won’t discolor due to mold or mildew, and that will last for a long time (bathrooms are inherently difficult to paint).

Many people opt for fresh colors, including pastels and other bright color schemes. If you take morning showers, you might want to make the bathroom bright and inviting. If you take showers at night, you might be more comfortable with muted colors or darker colors that will calm you down.

Whatever color scheme you choose, remember that you will need to match your bathroom  accessories and towels to the wall.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in a bathroom, and completely change the feel of the room.

In general, more lighting is better, and will make the room seem more inviting. Less light makes it harder to see and also makes it more difficult to get ready for bed.

Vanity mirrors should always have lights either above them or fixed on the sides of the mirror. There should be at least one overhead light and one light over the shower. Beyond that, it’s up to you whether you want to provide additional accent lighting.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


Bathroom accessories, like towels, soaps, soap dispensers, shower caddies, hooks, curtains, toilet spray, and bathroom scales all become part of the look and feel of the bathroom. Try to incorporate them into the color scheme you’ve chosen.

Think of accessories not just as accessories but as accent pieces that fit into the bathroom as a whole.

They can be subtle, but the “feel” of the room with be much more “put together” if everything matches.

It might seem weird at first to have bath towels and face cloths that match the walls. But, when you have guests over, they will sense your keen design skills and it will feel like something they’ve seen out of a magazine, even if they can’t put their finger on it.

And, at the end of the day, you’ll appreciate it much more than a haphazard approach.

Liam Jones is studying interior design and loves coming up with bold design ideas which incorporate all the latest must-have gadgets. He blogs for decor / DIY and renovation related blogs.

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