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Experts Share You Four Moister Proof Skills In Home Decorating

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The humid warm and wet air makes everything damp in home decorating. Then, the moister proof products are well welcomed by the citizens. But every product has its side effect. Experts from melody home share you four moister proof skills. 

Traditional ways of getting rid of the moister

Suitable space: living room

Face to the unpleasant“moister weather phenomena”, there are traditional ways from folk. One way is to put dry hot peppers in the room. It can absorb some of the moister. But you have to change new hot peppers frequently. Another way is to put quality guaranteed firecracker in the room. As the firecrackers contain sulfur in it. The sulfur not only can dehumidify, but also helpful for deinsectization. Experts remind you that though theses traditional ways have good effect on this problem, the firecracker may lead to safety problem. You have to pay special attention when use it. Besides, you might as well improve the indoor temperature by firing the stove so that the moister cannot congeal. Therefore, it can decrease the indoor moister degree.

Lime can absorb the moister

Suitable space: kitchen, bedroom

Lime is the moister absorption agent which is simple and easy to do it. Onekilogram lime can absorb around 0.3 kilogram moister. You may put the lime into the boxes. When the room is not wet, you may cover it. On the contrary, when the room is wet, you should open it and do not open the large window at the same time. In this way, your indoor air will be dry and pleasant. For the normal family, you may buy 20 to 20 kilogram lime and put it into the wood or paper box. Then place them under the wardrobe or at room corners. But you have to take care that children cannot take it.

Newspaper can prevent the mold

Suitable space: bedroom

When the weather is moisture and the clothes in the wardrobe are easy to get moldy. How should you do? Long time open the door of the wardrobe, it can ventilate and prevent the mold. But this way will lead to too much dust for the clothes. If you put some newspaper on the bottom of the wardrobe or inner side, the newspaper can absorb the moister and get the preventing mold problem. And the printing ink smell from the newspaper can expelling parasite. But you should avoid direct touching with clothes, for it may dry the clothes.

Salt can help volatize the moister

Suitable space: kitchen, bathroom

The kitchen salt is a kind of user friendly dehumanizer. Though it is not as effective as industrial salt deicing and snow melt, it is enough to deal with the moister in home decorating. You may put some salt in hot water and then mop the floor by it. This way can fasten the moister to volatize. After finishing moping, you may put some abandoned paper at the doorway to decrease the moister from the shoes soles to the indoors. Click here to learn more.

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