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Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing And Working With A Professional Cabinet Refacer

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No matter how chic your new kitchen appliances are or how stylish the furniture is, cabinets that do not go well with those appliances can spoil everything. You have to understand that worn and outdated cabinets can make your kitchen look dumpy, but the good thing is that you do not need to have them replaced. You can simply call in a professional cabinet refacer and improve the look of your existing cabinetry.

It makes great sense to work with a kitchen cabinet refacer because of the many benefits associated with this option. Cabinet refacing costs half as much as replacing those cabinets, it takes less time, and it saves you from the hassle of tearing out cabinets. Moreover, you can continue to use your kitchen while a refacer is doing their job. While refacing is not going to change a bad kitchen design, it can still make it look aesthetically pleasing, especially when you decide to spend a bit more money on exotic veneer and hardware.

Before taking the plunge, keep in mind that only a professional and experienced cabinet refacer can achieve the most desirable results. They always come up with nice ideas and help you change those less-than-lovely cabinets. For instance, they may recommend using a two-tone design. This is a good option when you have solid maple cabinets and hate their dated, orangey tone. They may use a combination of white and charcoal gray to achieve a very trendy look. Similarly, they may recommend using glass to help you achieve a trendier look even when you are on a very tight budget. This will work extremely well when you currently have builder-grade oak cabinets.

What’s more, a professional cabinet refacer can easily achieve a high-end look by making the right use of satin brass hardware and a sprayed finish. Instead of replacing your blonde-toned contractor-grade cabinets, they can update them with stained brass hardware and charcoal paint. Similarly, sanding is important to achieve an impressive look. A professional refacer knows how to use it to remove existing sheen or protective sealant and use paint and primer properly. The right use of sanding and wood filler can help smooth out existing dings, scratches, or nicks. They opt for fine-grit sanding pads or blocks to achieve the best results – they do not mind using rough-grit sandpaper in case you have drawer and cabinet fronts with heavy layers of shellac or lacquer.

The fact of the matter is that cabinet refacing is a much better option considering the cost of brand new cabinetry these days – it can cost you several thousand dollars for low-end cabinetry and about the price of a car for custom. A simple and extremely cost-effective option is to let a kitchen refacer guide you in the right direction. Yes, it can still cost you at least $1,000, but your kitchen will look as good as new. So, be sure to take advantage of this option!

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