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Renovating Your Roof

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Many parts of your house incur some wear and tear over the years, one of which includes your roof. It keeps the inside of your house from rain, snow, or extreme heat which is why it’s important to keep it well-maintained.

In order to do so, you have to know the different parts that make up your roof. Read on to find out the ins and outs of roofing.


These are the angles of the roof that juts out from the side of the house, also known as coving, crown, bed, or cove molding.


Decking, or sheathing, refers to the panels or surfaces to which the roofing materials are attached. They are also what cover the rafters.


The dormer surrounds a window from a sloped roof. It’s usually the window that looks into the attic.

Drip Edge

Most useful for the rainy seasons, the drip edge is an L-shaped structure made of metal, which can be seen running along the edges of the roof. This allows water to drip clear of the construction, making sure your roof’s foundation is undamaged.


Eaves are the lower portions of the roof that extend beyond the edges and sides of the house. Also called roof eaves, they serve both a design and practical function.


The fascia is often connected to the rafters, covering its end of the eaves. Gutters are commonly found attached to the fascia.


Similar to the drip edge, flashing is a metal board or sheet that prevents leaking and seeping of water into the main house. It’s a very important part of the roof that keeps the foundation of your house safe.


Also known as gable roof, this is a triangular-shaped structure that protrudes at the end of the building above the main house. Commonly seen in movies, it has become a memorable and iconic image.


Normally made of wood, rafters are slanted structures to which the sheathing is nailed. A pair of rafters is called a couple and provides support to the roof deck and its associated holds.


When two sloping roof planes meet and form a horizontal line, it is called a ridge. It is also the peak of a roof, but can refer to the board or beam that is used in building the ridge.


These are the undersides of the eaves. It can be found between the end of the eaves and the main house.


Underlayment, also known as felt or tarpaper, is a moisture-protective structure that is made up primarily of synthetic materials, like felt or a combination of asphalt and rags. The underlayment is normally placed on top of the decking, which is then followed by the roofing materials.

These are just the basic parts of the roof that you need to know when remodeling or renovating your roof. It’s always best to ask a professional, but knowing the basics can help you in making sure you hire the right professional in fixing your roof.

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