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Designing Your Front Garden

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A front garden plays an important role as far as your home décor is concerned. They say that “ the first impression is the last impression” so if you want to make a meaningful impression on your visitors then for that a lush green front garden can be very handy for you. A mere front garden would not help you rather you need to get it designed properly. You should do everything you can in order to make your front garden attractive.

The first thing which people see when they come to your residence is your front garden, therefore, it is highly recommended that you should design and decorate your front garden with utmost care. A survey conducted by Barclays Mortgages revealed the fact that a third of home buyers in the UK make their buying decisions simply by looking at the exterior of a property. If the exterior is not good enough then such buyers do not even think of looking inside the house

For a well-designed garden, first of all, you need to limit the number of species of trees, flowering plants and shrubs. The idea is that you need to get the order right. You can get 5-10 species of perennials, 1-2 types of trees and 3-5 shrubs. Though you may get tempted to buy eye-catching plants however you need to resist this temptation. You need to keep a proper balance in your garden.

Planting bed is not a bad idea when it comes to designing of a front garden. You should ensure that your planting bed is large enough to accommodate your mix of plants. It is ideal that you should go for a plant bed that spans half of the width of your house.  You can get your planting bed fastened to a tree and filled with different shrubs.

You can get your plantings unified by repeating the textures and forms of the plant. You can plant blooming perennials near the roadway or sidewalk. Get this planting repeated along the entry walkway and also near the house.

If you want to make your front garden more attractive than for that you need to give special attention to your front door. It is highly recommended that you should go for design lines in the direction of the door as well. You can create a nice walkway that actually frames the front door. There are many types of walkways from which you can choose from however a curving walkway is a preferred option in this regard.

There is no end to garden beautification, however, a more feasible option is to go for a professional gardening company. There are many such companies which you can find in the UK however the one which really stands out due to its extraordinary services is Garden Club London.  Whether you have limited or large space, Garden Club London has the team of experts, who will transform the outlook of your garden and will make it eye-catching as well as attractive.  

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