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Different Types Of Carpets To Suit Your Need

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When you are looking for the makeover of your living space, various things come to your mind. Be it designing, colours or budget. You do the market search and survey to find the perfect piece of art that will be a crowning glory of your sweet home. Many amongst us focus on colours of the walls or light fittings but hardly have we thought of decorating our floors. Home with a beautiful mural or artifacts is always inviting, but the floors also need your attention as much as the other factors. There are hundreds of designs of different marbles, granite and tiles available in the market to choose from. But to give an exclusive feel to your décor a royal carpet or a trendy rug is a must have.

The magnificent carpet design has the power to give that exquisite and royal feel to your drawing area. There are grass carpets also available to give green lush look to your balcony.Carpet grass suppliers in India do cater the need by supplying different varieties of grass carpet. But the market is flourishing with different kinds and types of carpets and rugs, and it is quite misleading. So here is a short guidance for you to make that perfect choice.

All about carpets

  1. Carpet construction – basically there are two kinds of loop. The first one is level loop that features short loops for rough and tough use. And the other one is multi-level loop to give patterned texture to the carpet. Cut pile carpets don’t have loops as they cut the yarn tips. These are denser and softer in texture. The several types of cut pile carpets are plush for formal appearance, Saxony for longer fibers, Textured cut pile for rougher surface texture, frieze carpet for high traffic areas, Cable for comfort.
  2. Carpet fibers – There are different characteristics of various natural and synthetic fibers that are used to construct carpets. Nylon is durable and resistant and is the most popular. Olefin is good for outdoors and basement as it is resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. Acrylic is an inexpensive alternate to wool. The ecofriendly floor covering natural fiber wool is durable and stain resistant.
  3. Weight and density – the higher quality carpets have more number of fibersthereby making it heavier. Closely packed fibers make a denser carpet. Superior quality carpets are quite dense.

How to select?

You can find carpets with magnificent design that has various geometrical textures, floral patterns, animal figurines or designs inspired by nature. Go for design that goes well with your rest of the interior. The colour choice should be such that it doesn’t stands out. At the same time keep in mind that lighter colour carpets tend to look dirtier easily. Carpet suppliers in India are keeping in mind to supply easy to clean carpets and are widely using olefin which is naturally stain resistant. Though wool carpets give royal touch to your interior, they demand more care and cleaning.

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