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Four Common Reasons To Get Garage Door Repairs

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Garage doors are used nearly every day of the year, often multiple times each day, but homeowners are not often quick to examine or inspect the performance and condition of this door. At best, the only attention paid the garage door occurs when there is a catastrophic failure of the system, either due to damage, wear and tear, or another underlying cause. The truth of the matter is that these doors offer up a number of clear indications that may help you to get repairs long before you face a serious problem In fact, regular checks may also help you to put off purchasing a brand new door for several years.

Not Working

The most obvious indication that you need garage door repairs in Chippenham is when your garage door will simply not open or close when you use the control buttons. There are a wide range of reasons for such a situation, including anything as simple as a poor connection between the control panel and the garage door, or as complex as a serious malfunction. First, take the time to ensure there is nothing present to stop your garage door from moving down on its own, such as an object partially crossing the line of the entrance. Once you are sure there is no object in the way, attempt to use your control panel, and then call for help if it is clear nothing is about to happen.


Take the time to observe your door and its response time whenever you press the button to have it raised or lowered, and take note of any slowing of the response time compared to its previous speed. Even if the actual act of closing or opening is not slowed, it may be that you must wait a few moments before the garage door will begin to close after you demand action from it. If you begin to observe any type of delay in the typical operation of your door, it is a clear indication that something is wrong and should be corrected with the help of a professional.


At least once a month, it is recommended that a home or commercial property owner check and test the balance of any garage doors on the property, including disconnecting the opener from the door and manually operating the structure. If when you bring the door to the midway point and release it the door continues to go up or down without help, you have a balance issue. This may indicate a problem with the tension spring, or any number of other parts associated with the door. Be sure you never attempt to replace or repair any of these components on your own since it is possible to serious injure yourself without training, the right equipment, and years of experience.

Your garage door should move quickly and smoothly open or closed at your demand, and any sudden or gradual change in this performance is a problem. A professional will help you get a handle on the problem and come up with a great way for you to cost-effectively create a solution.

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