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How to Take Proper Care of Your Roller Shutters?

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There are many ways to add security to a property, be it residential or commercial. However, very few of them are as good as the roller shutters. These shutters are really effective when it comes to offering protection from harsh weather conditions and break-in attempts. This is the reason why most of the commercial shop owners prefer a roller shutter for their store. These days, there are various types of shutters available, and customers can choose a model according to their needs and budget as well.

Like we know that a roller shutter is usually made up of metal sheets, mainly steel or aluminium, therefore it is vital to take very good care of it. With proper and regular maintenance, you can keep a roller shutter in good and working condition for a long time. So, let us provide you some tips related to the maintenance of these shutters.

5 Maintenance tips for your roller shutters

Annual inspection: The mechanical door or a roller shutter must be inspected at least once in a year. You can get the door inspected by service professionals provided by the supplier or you can also hire independent professionals who are skilled in this kind of job. Regular greasing of the mechanical parts will keep the roller shutter will help in smooth movement as well as reduce wearing out due to friction.  Regular inspection will also help identify any need for maintenance or replacement to prevent minor mechanical issues developing into a major one.

Identify faults: In the case of a roller shutter, faults do not arise all of a sudden. Issues manifest with the passage of time. Regular inspection will help you identiy small faults, which should not be left unaddressed, as they will soon turn into bigger ones. For this reason, it is important to pay heed to the working of the roller shutter you have installed at your home or shop. If the sound produced during lifting up or pulling down the shutter is not a usual one, you must get it checked by an experienced mechanic. Fixing minor issues that incur minor costs and minor disruption of business can save you from major issues that incur major costs and major disruption of business.

Don’t use force: In the case of electronically operated roller shutter, some people get a little impatient.  Sometimes the process of opening can take a little more time. But, you should not lose patience in such cases. Applying external force on the shutter might damage to the mechanism of the roller shutter.

Be informed: It is always good to have some idea about the working and mechanical parts of the roller shutters. When you understand the construction and working of a roller shutter, you will be able to deal with minor issues in a much better way. You will not have to call a professional again and again for minor issues. Regular oiling of the mechanical parts will enhance the performance and durability of your roller shutter.

Regular cleaning: Dust and dirt often get accumulated on the greasy parts of a roller shutter. If you do not clean them on regular basis, the shutter will not be able to deliver a smooth performance. So, try to keep the area around your roller shutter as clean as possible. Dust particles cause increased wear of the metallic parts and prevent smooths movement. Damp clothes can be used for the cleaning of the parts of a roller shutter. Some suppliers also provide special kind of brush for the cleaning purpose.

So, these are some of the vital maintenance tips that you can keep in your mind for the longevity of your roller shutter. Follow them and you will not have to worry about the working and durability of these shutters for a long time.

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