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Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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Moving into a new property can be an unnerving experience. Along with the general stress and chaos of moving, you also have to deal with creating a homey atmosphere in a space that may feel foreign to you. This feeling can make settling in more difficult and add to your stress. Try these simple and effective home-making tips to make sure your new house truly feels like home.

  1. Invest in pieces you love. If you’re planning to buy new furnishings for your property, take the time to seek out pieces that really speak to you, rather than rushing into buying something you don’t love just to fill the space. Look for unique pieces like balinese furniture to give your home a personalised feel, and stay away from generic mass-produced décor that will make your house look like every other property on the street.
  2. Opt for familiar sights and scents. Before you unpack everything else, you can make the space feel more homey by surrounding yourself with sights and scents that make you completely comfortable. This could mean putting all of your usual photos and magnets on your fridge, hanging family portraits on the wall, and lighting some of your favourite scented candles to fill your new house up with that homey smell. This sensory experience should quickly help you feel more settled.
  3. Make your bed. One of the first things you should do when you move in is to make up your bed. The reliable comfort of your own clean sheets and the feel of your duvet will make falling asleep in your brand new room much less taxing. Remember to launder your favourite sheets and bedding before the big move so you can tuck yourself in as easily as possible.
  4. Get your clothes unpacked. Many people wait until all of the big furniture is set up before they worry about unpacking boxes of clothes, but this can make your space feel less settled when you wake up in the morning and have to dig through a suitcase to get dressed. Try to unpack your clothes and neatly put them away in your wardrobe soon after moving to avoid feeling out of place and chaotic in the morning.         
  5. Don’t procrastinate on unpacking. There’s no getting around it: unpacking is a major hassle and nobody really likes doing it. But putting off the hard work will make you feel like a refugee in what should be your personal sanctuary. Break the task down into manageable chunks, take regular breaks to relax put your feet up, and get it done in a reasonable timeframe so you can begin to enjoy your new house.
  6. Do a big clean up. Hopefully your new property will be clean when you move in, but if the influx of boxes and furniture make it smell a little musty and look a tad dusty, do a quick clean to get it feeling fresh and new.
  7. Add your favourite colours. Painting may not be on the cards right away, although that is the best way to bring a splash of your favourite colours into the space. If you’re looking for a short-term fix to give the house a more homey and personal atmosphere, use cushions and throws to add character.

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