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Basic Choices

Home improvement is a dedicated art and commercial stores sell an interesting range of products. Flooring and tiling the walls are crucial for interior decor, and all the rooms have to be covered without exception. The living spaces have to be artistic, while the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles accentuate the home’s beauty. Showrooms capture all the popular trends, and their latest offerings include sheer variety. The basic choices include colours, materials, finishes, sizes, and designer patterns. Modern tiling can elevate the mundane residential bath into a luxurious and personal resort spa.

Design Plans

The high quality tiling material is ineffective and wasteful without accurate design and planning. Even baths deserve a unique, historical, or ultra-modern characteristics and features. The traditional wet rooms generate nostalgia, while modernity is all about  elegance and functionality. The trending bathroom wall tiles are a perfect fit only when plans are refined and execution is impeccable.

Draw And Decide

Select a traditional look or modern appearance, and dream up a delightful design. Sketches, illustrations, and detailed drawings are effective tools. They improve accuracy and position, and help the customer in selecting the right layout and style of tiles.

Size Has To Be Effective

Model the master bath for a full wall, shower high, or bottom half (wainscot) protection. The look and budget have to be factored in while purchasing the correct size and shape.

Room Details

The washroom details that affect the wall designs are taps, faucets, fixtures, flooring, windows, commode, basins and sinks. Shower enclosures and bath tub location also play a crucial role in the final design and layout.

Borders And Transitions

Inside corners, fancy profiles, and wall to floor edges determine the perimeter quality and room limits. The right tiles with bullnose edges and finished or unfinished borders enhance the decorative feature. Attractive colours, patterns, and textures also facilitate border transitions for a clean and crisp look.

Floor Cues And Layouts

Cantered tile layout is a popular choice, and attractiveness is achieved through alignment. Durable and slip resistant floors are an asset, and the wall tiles can be contrasted with them.

Installation Steps

A welcoming and lively wash room is a dream come true, and refreshing showers are a fine way to start the day. A beautiful kitchen inspires the cook, while aesthetic living rooms are a hostesses delight. Daily lifestyle gets enhanced, but first the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles have to be installed properly. Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are tedious, but professionals are expensive. The customer has to make a balanced decision, and ensure safe installations.

  • The waterproofed floor surfaces have to be level, clean, and free of debris or dirt.
  • Straight cut tiles are even, and they should be minimally spaced for grout joints.
  • Tile nibbler tools can shave off small pieces for achieving the perfect shape.
  • The areas have to be marked and tile laying has to be firm and complete.
  • Thick and consistent grout has to be applied, pushed, and angularly compressed.
  • Remove excess paste, clean with damp sponge and dry wipe for at least 3 times.

Bathroom wall tiles are sold in different colours, styles, patterns, materials, and sizes. They enhance the beauty of the traditional and modern washrooms. High quality tiling requires careful selection, attractive designs and planned layouts. Select the right size and shape, and ensure professional installation of high quality and durable tiles.

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