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Three Choices For Operating Folding Arm Awnings

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Installing awnings over your home’s windows and outdoor spaces can help keep your home cooler by blocking the sun’s rays from shining through the glass. This will prevent the temperature rising in your home and help reduce your energy bills. When you choose awnings for your home, you can select from three different methods of operation, which are:

  • Manually with a crank handle
  • Motorised with a hardwired switch
  • Motorised with a remote control

Manual Operation

The least expensive way to unfurl or retract folding arm awnings is to use a manual crank system. A crank handle is easy to operate, so before the sun gets high in the sky, you can unfurl the awning over your patio or a portion of your deck to create a cool outdoor space in the summer. This allows you to sit outside on hot days without the sun beating down on you, and it can help cool the space by as much as 10 degrees.

Motorised Awnings with a Switch

An even easier way to unfurl or retract awnings is to select a motorised system and hardwire them into the electricity with a switch inside your house. This allows you to operate the awnings quickly without needing to step outside. If the weather turns bad or if it is early in the morning, you just press the switch to unfurl or retract the awnings.

Motorised Awnings with a Remote Control

If you want to have motorised awnings for ease of operation, you don’t need to hardwire them into your electrical system. Instead, you can select motorised awnings that are operated via a remote control. If you happen to be outside and you need to retract the awnings, going inside isn’t necessary. You just use the remote to retract them from wherever you are at the time.

Sensors for Motorised Awnings

If you choose to have motorised awnings installed, you have the option of choosing sensors that will automatically retract the awnings if they sense rain, strong winds, or the sun. You can also install them with a timer. They will unfurl at the same time every day to block the sun and create a cool space on your patio or by your pool, so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it is hot.

Having sensors that will automatically operate your awnings allows you to have peace of mind when you’re away from home in case heavy storms suddenly develop. Heavy winds and rain can damage awnings, so sensors can ensure they are retracted before they can be affected by inclement weather.

Variety of Colours

When you choose awnings for your outdoor spaces or to help cover your windows, you can choose from a wide variety of colours in either a solid or striped pattern. You can pick a colour that best matches the colour of your home’s siding, or colours that set a fun, summery mood for your space. Awnings can help create a space for entertaining family and friends outdoors.

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