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Tips On Cleaning The Carpets

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Carpet cleaning is generally quite difficult. You can’t wash your carpets at home unless you have the proper knowledge on how to do it. Carpets are made from a thick woollen fibre that attracts stains very easily. The stains get stuck into the fibres and can’t be removed through the use of conventional methods. Moreover, you can’t use bleach or harsh cleaning detergents either, as that could damage the carpet itself. If you have dropped a coloured liquid on the carpet and want to get it cleaned, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Blot, Don’t Rub

The biggest mistake that many people make as soon as they drop something on the carpets is that they start rubbing that section by using another cloth. Rubbing is actually going to make matters worse; it expands the stain further and makes it more difficult to remove. Instead of rubbing the stain into the carpet’s fibres, you should try and blot the material by using an ordinary rag. Just take the rag and gently dab it on top of the stain to minimise the appearance of the blemish. The rag will absorb some of the colour from the stain. Obviously, this isn’t enough to remove the stain completely and more work needs to be done.

Call a Professional Cleaner

It would be very stupid of you to try and clean the carpets on your own, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of how to properly clean carpets. Instead, you should contact professional carpet cleaners in Birmingham for the job. If the stain is small enough, the cleaners will remove it immediately by using specialised liquids and advanced cleaning tools.

However, if the stain is big and the carpet needs to be dry cleaned, the cleaners will roll it up and take it to their workshop. This may cost a bit more, but at least you will have the assurance that your carpets won’t be damaged. After all, carpeting is a huge part of any home’s aesthetic, and you want them looking their best at all times.

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