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What Consumers Need To Consider When Buying Curtains For The Home

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Tenants and home owners should never underestimate the power of a new pair of curtains. Indeed, a truly complimentary set of good value curtains can not only help to give a home a fresh new look, they can also ensure it stays lovely and cosy on those cold winter nights!

 However, whilst opting for cheap curtains over blinds is an easy enough thing to do, selecting curtains which will be ‘truly complimentary’ is not always so straightforward. Fortunately, savvy consumers can get round this simply by taking a few moments to consider the following key issues:

 Ready Made or Bespoke?

The first thing potential buyers need to decide is whether they want readymade (i.e. off-the-shelf) or made to measure curtains. Those in a rush or endeavouring to stick to a budget will more than likely opt for readymade variants as they are widely available and can be bought almost immediately. Although made to measure curtains are more expensive to buy, they offer far more in the way of choice as they can be any design and colour the buyer wishes.

 Which Fabric?

When it comes to fabric, buyers are typically advised to opt for good quality, heavyweight fabrics like linen blends or woven jacquards as these will have an immediate impact and last a good long time. Indeed, even a perennially jaded room can be quickly brought to life when it is complimented with some beautiful velvet or silk curtains! Linings are almost as important as the curtain fabric. To be sure, a good quality lining will give even relatively low cost materials a longer lease of life. A thermal lining will help to keep out the chill in a draughty room while interlining will provide an extra layer of padding to ensure curtains are super-thick and cosy.

 Long or Short?

Opting for sill length or floor length curtains is really a matter of personal taste. In general, floor length styles have a slightly more luxurious feel while sill-length drapes are popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens. Sill length offerings are also very practical options for rooms that have radiators sited underneath windows as they allow the emitted heat to circulate.

 Plain or Patterned?

Consumers should take a good look at their chosen room’s decor before deciding on a curtain pattern as having a variety of different designs within one room can create a busy, distracting effect. Most interior design experts agree that the best way to achieve a relaxed ambience is to opt for either patterned curtains with plain walls, or plain curtains with patterned walls.

 Current Trends

Eyelet curtains are very much in vogue at the moment as they are designed to flatter contemporary furniture. Hung from a pole, eyelet styles produce a sleeker look than traditional pencil pleat curtains, plus there are no fiddly hooks or clips to worry about either. Pelmets are also back in fashion. Indeed, a flat pelmet covered in silk looks surprisingly stylish and contemporary!

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